Falling Skies S04E04 Evolve or Die

Falling Skies Season 4 Episode 4Check out the official trailer of “Evolve or Die”, the next episode of the awesome science-fiction TV series Falling Skies:

Falling Skies 4.4 Evolve or Die

Falling Skies S4x4 Evolve or Die – Episode Summary:
“After breaking out of the Espheni Ghetto, Tom and the 2nd Mass seek refuge in a Volm hideout, where tensions run high between the Volm and humans. Tom sets off with Weaver and Cochise to find Matt, leaving Hal in charge. Meanwhile in Chinatown, Anne is reunited with Lexi, and comes to realize that the little girl she saw 6 months ago is now a grown woman.”

Lexi isn’t human: she’s a monster controlled by the alien invaders… Let’s hope they will get rid of her soon!

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