Falling Skies S2E08 Death March

Falling Skies Season 2 Episode 8We’ve got our hands on the trailer of “Death March” the next episode of the science-fiction TV series Falling Skies:

Falling Skies 2.8 Death March

Summary of Falling Skies S2x08 Death March:
“The 2nd Mass pushes on to Charleston, but some are still grieving the group’s recent losses. Weaver learns more about Tector’s background before the invasion. And Matt begins to bond with a harnessed girl who was found recently.”

The next episode of Falling Skies will air on Sunday August 5, 2012.

One Response - “Falling Skies S2E08 Death March”

  1. Sarah

    I have to admit, I’ve been following your site for quite some time now ever since I got into Fringe, you guys are the best for teaser trailers for us who live outside the US.

    I do have one issue with the falling skies promo’s though, normally with most shows you want to find teasers for on this site you just search show name with season and episode and get the first link. For falling skies though I’m finding a bit more difficult, normally being consistently redirected to the front page. Not sure if you guys are aware of this or not.

    Props to you though, you guys are doing a great great service!