Fast 5 Movie in Brazil

Fast Five Movie in BrazilWe thought Dom Toretto would escape to Europe or japan. well it won’t be so: the movie Fast 5, aka Fast and Furious 5, will take place in Brazil instead! It was announced by Vin Diesel on Facebook:

Fast and Furious 5 in Brazil

“Had a meeting with Justin Lin today regarding the Fast saga… some daring but fascinating thoughts in terms of action set pieces… and relationships, old and new.

The team is on their way to Brazil this evening, to scout, and to see what selection of cars there are.”

Actor Vin Diesel

Tuning is quite trendy in South America, so I guess it won’t be a problem to find great cars over there. Besides they also find beautiful girls for the film, so Brazil is actually a good location for the movie Fast 5!

3 Responses - “Fast 5 Movie in Brazil”

  1. Helymar

    I love,i`m a brazilian and fast and furious 5 over there,it`s gonna rock.It doesn`t get better than this!!!

  2. Kerry

    Sweet!! I love Fast and the Furious movie’s. Brazil is perfect, I really
    hop Paul Walker drives a Nissan Skyline gt-r 35 , or a Evo x. It fits the part. good luck.

  3. Orlando

    For Your Info!! the movie is being filmed here in Puerto Rico and they will say it’s Brazil some part they are filming in Rio Piedras, PR. I’ve seen them filming already and saw Dwayne and Vin in San Juan….