Fast and Furious 5 Movie

Fast and Furious 5 The MovieFast and Furious is currently has been hit theaters and is performing quite well. Well enough to safely say that there will be a Fast and furious 5 movie. Vin Diesel was hinting at Fast and Furious 5 since a while:

Fast and Furious 5 with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker

Vin Diesel

“Yes. Yes. I think a few pictures at a time ahead. I try to work out stories in the way I approach sequels. In that, Coppola way. I try to think out the story, even before we go to shoot the film that’s at hand. So yes, I have been thinking about it (Fast and Furious 5). I actually brought up the idea of shooting both of the movies back to back to the President of Universal. He was like, ‘What? We’re just getting our feet back together.”

Vin Diesel

And Paul Walker is stating that it’s almost green lit:
Paul Walker

“It’s beyond rumors at this point. I’ve spoken with executives at Universal and they’re pretty serious about it. They’re developing it. They know where they want it to take place. They want to do it in Europe”

Paul Walker

Of course the FF4 ended on a tease that clearly opens the road for a fifth installment of the Fast and Furious movie series.

So actually, there is not the shadow of doubt: Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), aka Dom, is going to somehow escape and will meet Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) again in Fast and Furious 5.

Paul Walker has been talking about Fast and Furious 5 moving to Europe. Would be great if they could hire English actor Statham or some of the actors of the French movie Taxi. But I would get damn enthusiast if the plot of Fast and Furious 5 was instead to pick up right where Tokyo Drift ended. I did enjoy Tokyo Drift, even still obsessed with the with the Teriyaki’s song:

Any advice for fast and Furious 5? What do you want to see in FF5? Should the plot take place in Europe or pick up from Tokyo Drift? And what title do you have in mind? Fast and Furious 5 or something more elaborate?

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  1. brittany

    I think that it should pick up in Tokyo at the race where it was left off on. But it does pick up in Tokyo it could still move to Europe maybe like Vin got in trouble in Tokyo or something like that. I hope also that his sister and Brian should be in the 5th one. I’m really excited about Fast and Furious 5. I just watched the 4th one. lovedd it


    I think the next movie should be called “Fast and Furious Race through Italy”.

    the movie should start off by getting Dom off that prison bus and go run off. and some how become connected with mobsters from Italy. and they have to go through a series of races all through Italy and win to be able to walk free. O’conor and Dom should take the American muscle to the streets of Italy and put them to the test, running them against Ferraris and Lamborghinis and other Italian cars.

    Let me know if you like, I got lots of other ideas: cars are my life!

  3. Jayy

    I think it should be in Asia. In Tokyo Drift they said Dom was beating everyone in Asia, then it should eventually make it to the race in Tokyo Drift. Maybe in the middle of the movie? It should be called Fast and Furious 5 – Tokyo Drift 2 hahaha.

  4. Amanda

    I think it should start with getting him off the bus, you know they are going but the way the $th one ends then go to tokyo so that way it ties up the rest of the lose ends between the 1st and the 3rd. But if its anything like the last one I’m sure it will be awesome!!

  5. kasey

    omg i cant wait for the next one i cant wait to see how they bust Dom out! omg they also have to bring Letty back! there is several ways they can bring letty back and i bet alot of fans would love for her to be brought back. i gotta say that the entire cast needs to return.


    C’ant wait for FAST&FURIOUS 5!

  6. Mike

    I think it should start with brian and the others busting dom off the bus, and then going to tokyo. Brian would have to go too, because the FBI is gonna be kinda pissed at him for busting dom out in the first place. Then if something interesting happens in tokyo, they can go to Italy. Or maybe something to do with Hon’s death.

  7. Jerry

    I think picking up after Tokyo Drift is a pretty good idea and then maybe moving from Japan to Europe. I would love to see a 5th installment. I would like to see more of Brian and Mia in this one though. Maybe they can even get Lucus Black from Tokyo Drift to star. All sorts of possibilities for the movie Fast and Furious 5.

  8. kasey

    ya that seems cool as long as they keep the entire cast together and bring letty back

  9. Brian

    I think that they should start the movie by them not showing how they got him off the bus (to make it interesting) then the first scene would be like them driving off or getting ready to leave Mexico. Then they should go to Europe, like Sweden or some place, maybe England and Scotland. Then the movie should end when Dom is going to Asia for for whatever. Then if they have a FF6, it should be starting with Dom in Asia, and the middle be Dom against Lucas Black… but who would win??? ; )

  10. J low

    I think that they should combine the movies of Tokyo and the fourth where they left off

  11. ray brigamn

    it’s going to be cool!

  12. kasey

    no offense brain but that’s just stupid. J low that could be cool then them go off to Europe or wherever but they do need to show how they get Dom off the bus first. that would start it out in high action.

  13. Festis

    WTF Mike
    Didn’t you see the movie? Han went back to Tokyo.
    This movie is before Han died in Tokyo.
    I hated Tokyo drift.
    Drifting s*cks dudes.

  14. BLT2

    I don’t care what they do as long as they bring Letty back from the “dead” and let her do more this time. She’s hot and cool as heck. Let’s see MUCH more of her please in fast and Furious 5. Thanks.

  15. scott

    I think the idea of it coming back from Tokyo is a bad idea. unless Dom brain and the whole crew comes back then yes it would be cool but fast and furious is not fast and furious without the original crew. I’m 14 I was 6 when the first fast and furious came out. I know every word in each movie I’m addicted to these movies I watched each one a minimum of 200 times and I went to see the new fast and furious 4 times because I love them so much but I really think it would be cool if they show what happened at the end in Miami where did Rome end up ? hope Fast and Furious 5 will be a great movie and not the last!

  16. Tym

    Mike’s idea is probably the best as far as sequels go.

    The crew would inevitably rescue Dom from the bus. Then the FBI would be after Dom and Brian. Probably would show a race with the feds after getting him off of the bus. Then they would all have to flee to Tokyo. Brian and Dom work together to start dominating the drift circuit. Eventually, Dom hears about the death of Han and starts wanting revenge against the Japanese Mafia. He goes on to want to race the Drift King, but before he makes it to that race, he realizes that the old drift king (son of the Mafia leader Uncle) has been defeated by an American (Lucus Black).

    Lucus would probably team up with Dom and Brian at that point. After that, it’s really up to the producers whether they want to continue the scene in Tokyo or have the cast run amok in Europe or possibly South America.

  17. Dale

    I love the post above me on how it should start except you cannot expect 1 man to take on the biggest asian crime syndicate by himself. Yes, the movie should move from the bus scene to tokyo to russia and europe, but the story can be whatever races they have over there. USA / drag racing, asia, Drift.. what does europe have to offer other than some mountain drifting etc. endurance like Herbie the Love bUg?

  18. Zach

    Fast and Furious “The Drive for Five” hahaha
    idk how they’re going to do it. but i’ve heard rumors of it being in Brazil and in Europe. if they go to Europe they should travel the continent or something like that and have a scene where hes in Tokyo and races that guy. they should get the guy from transporter and do some race around Europe through all the major countries or something. They also should get Dom, Brian, and some how get the guy from drift to join their crew. idk it sounds like it’s going to be good though

  19. Ruben

    I think they should start where 4 left off and get Dom off the bus, also I think when they get him off the bus that Rome (2 fast 2 furious star) will probably be there helping. Since they all broke Dom out of jail then Mia, Dom, Rome and Brian will flee the states to Tokyo. From there we will see the race with Dom and Sean and I will leave the rest to the film makers.

  20. Alfie

    what i think should happen in fast and furious 5 is that dom and brian wanna join a team tournament that involves the best drivers from around the world and wanna recruit some new racers so they go to get sean out of tokyo drift and roman out of 2 fast 2 furious but introduce a new driver jason statham to the crew and then enter the tournament to prove they got the best driving crew in the world

  21. FNF13

    They have to go about this very carefully unless they decide to make a sixth. There are already 2 loose ends. The 4 installment was the precursor to the beginning of the third movie, clearly, as Han is still with Dom. If they decide to make the 5th the last movie, they will have to tie the end of Fast and Furious to Tokyo Drift, which may mean they will have to bring back Lucas Black’s character from the third.(at least briefly) If anything, they should start off with breaking Dom out, having a warrant for all of the involved parties (Brian, Mia, Dom) thus forcing them out of the country, where Dom clearly decides to go to Japan. That’s where the other loose end would be tied up. After that it’s relatively open to anything, though I’d love to see Brian driving the new GT-R and Dom maybe sticking to the old school muscle, or maybe going with a ZR1 or a new Challenger. There are many directions they can go with this film, but they’re going to run out of fan base and ideas if they don’t end it on a high note and tie up the loose ends. I think the 5th one should be the be all to end all and the best one they make. However, one can only hope.

  22. Kristin

    I definetly think they should bring Letty back, and I also think that Rome should come back from the 2nd one but if they dont do that I definetly want to see ALOT of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker and Dom’s sister

  23. brie

    I just really, really, really, REALLY hope they bring Letty back. I was so stoked to see the original cast but with out her, it really wasn’t the same…it felt like false advertising- she was in the movie for 10 minutes at the most! she and dom are such a power couple and if they’re not together, then i’m not interested, and that’s all there is to it! It seems to me that her death was shady because not only do you never see a body, all we know about it is what dom imagines happening, so i wonder if her death was intentionally unclear because they want to at least consider the possibility of bringing her back (which is what really SHOULD happen) or if that’s just my own wishful thinking. anyway, just bring her back!

  24. Danny

    I think it should start by them showing how dom got off the bus. Then chased through to the border to mexico. Then dom and brian heading off to tokyo via europe beating all they can in drift/race style and getting into trouble left right and centre, they should then bring it to tokyo by the end showing how han died and dom and brian at his funeral, and onto the race between lucas and dom, and brian and mia waiting at the finish, or something like that. They must tie them in, oh and this was actually the supposed 3rd one to tie in han and dom, tokyo is the actual 4th.

  25. rik b

    Have a 5 min scene of the race from the end of Tokyo drift Dom vs that yank guy (“my carr”) lol. then completely switch it to Miami where o Brian goes to meet tyrees (Roman) and they decided to go Europe for a underground black list race (some how they find out with some Euro guy in Miami finkin his so cool or wtv)

    Dom finds out and heads to Europe too! on the way he finds a new gf lol (don’t bring Letty!)

    In Europe they team up try to become the best of something. twist is the guy from f&f 2 is broken out of prison and FBI is now tracking Vin and that drug dealer guy down. While other police from different countries are tracking down the other races (best of UK racer is at the Euro blacklist, best of France is at Euro black list) … this way you can see a whole variety of cars. e.g. German racer comes with a nos’d out BMW while UK racer comes with a Bently lol (you get the point)

    Truth be told you need to make another 3 or 20 more Fast and Furious movies! :D

    and can everyone shut up about Letty! all she did in the first FF was being annoying! She wasn’t there in the second! Nor in the Tokyo drift! And she’s dead in number 4 after saying about 2 minutes in the film!

    Let Dom get a new girlfriend damn! live and move on!

  26. steven

    I think Fast and Furious 5 should start with Brian and Mia getting Dom off the bus then they have to go to Tokyo because the police are looking all over for them. Then wen they get to Tokyo Dom tries to find Hans and finds out he is dead so races Sean the new dk and then it goes to Europe and i think it will be really good!
    Counting on Vin diesel, Paul walker and crew to be in Fast and Furious 5 as well.

  27. gsr_del_sol

    I AM A HUGE FF fan i think that they should pick up after tokyo drift. i think that they should make the purpose of the last seen in FFTD with lucas black and vin diesel, that dom is looking to rebuild his team to make the most elite team in the world and that brian and mia are already apart of the team aswell. biran playing the plot as if he is running from the feds from bust dom of the prison bus. like mia says in ff4 he really was just the bad guy all along tring to be the good guy. there are many possible solutions for ff5 but i know i’ll be there to watch it opening day

  28. Alastair Wilson

    They should start the 5th getting Dom of the bus then do a 2 year later scenario where he hears that Han has been killed by the Japanese mafias don nephew DK. Dom, Brian, and Roman (Tyrese Gibson) all go Tokyo to kill him, when he finds out its Sean (Lucas Black) they race but dont finish it, they leave the car park with the rest where it cuts to the garage with them talking to Sean bout Hans death, by the time they get a good group together they hear DK and his gang have fled to South America (Columbia, Mexico etc) and they go after him. Once they find him Brian and Rome go and race him as they wont know who they are and defeat him then Dom comes on at the end and beats him up so bad hes dead. At the end where there celebrating, someone who knows where Letty is needs them to do a few favors for them then they will get Letty back, Bring on FF6

  29. nathan robinson

    i do not think it should pick from where tokyo drift left of i think take of where the forth one left where they where coming to get Dominic Toretto

  30. Badboybudgie

    Fats and Furious 5 will probably link with Tokyo Drift… Han is dead hence FF4 maybe before Tokyo Drift in time… and when you see dom at the end of TD is actually after he is busted out… just a theory… they need be careful as the FF4 had style, story and action… probably the best yet. if i was the director id even consider Australia as an ideal option… they got the muscle cars, the japs and the streets…. imagine Sydney or Melbourne or better yet racing the salt lake or in the outback

  31. Brian o' Cooner

    I think it should be pick up in Tokyo drift and should be called Fast and the Furios Tokio Drift 2.

    And man, Letty died so let her go

  32. Melissa

    I love all of the Fast and Furious movies! FF4 was awesome! I can’t wait for Fast and Furious 5! I like the idea of having the movie taking place in Europe. Maybe start in Tokyo and transition into Europe. I can’t wait to see what they do. I think it’s awesome that they brought the original cast back. I hope Hahn is in the movie too! Bring Ludacris back too!:)

  33. Jim

    they need to bring Letty back. The movie never actually showed her dying, and that phoenix guy said he saw her burn, and it never showed the car on fire in the movie, so maybe he caught the car on fire and just walked away or something. She then could have crawled out (because she’s a beast) and spent the entire movie in the hospital. The fifth movie could be them looking for on rumors that she is still alive. That would be sick. Like she went to Europe to start over or something.

  34. Ron

    I think they show how they get Dom off the bus and then go to some foreign country with American Muscle and show the foreigners how to have fun.

  35. brian

    start the next installment escaping from the states, run to brazil, get new identities, catch up and tie up loose ends in Japan then go to Australia and take on the mean streeters of Sydney and Melbourne. Ten second cars are for losers, we push “8’s” in street trim!

  36. David C

    i think it should have characters from Tokyo Drift & the original series bringing everyone together (that’s including roman peirce from 2fast 2furious) where they go to Europe

  37. Len

    well, as repetitive as this may sound..they NEED to bring Letty back. I mean I went to a movie theater full of disappointed fans. All raging over her death (one that was rather ambiguous). I personally expected her to make a comeback at the end. I even stayed after the credits to see if there was a hidden scene or something (like in FF1 and Pirates of the Caribbean), but there was none. I’m just saying that they never listen to us when we argued that they needed to take this franchise in another direction and bring the original cast back, when they did look what happened! we helped them break records! well listen to us now.. nobody kicks ass like Letty ok!

    Thta said… I do have a few ideas for the next film.

    I was thinking if it is filmed in Brazil they could make it really intense. Maybe the FBI caught Mia, Brian and Dom and are proposing that they help them bring down not one of the lord of the drug world, but THE lord. Then they can make a family reunion and bring back all the characters of other movies. And have a lot of violent races. You either “ride well or die hard”. And I’m thinking that as a test for all of them they should go through a “death race” where there’s only one winner, and of course the dilemma would be that both Brian and Dom are in the race. and they have to go though a extremely hard road through unpaved roads, the forest and last but but least (and my personal favorite) go through a one way falling bridge right above deadly waterfalls in Brazil. Can’t visualize it? Take a look:

    (Click to enlarge)
    waterfall and the big famous bridge - Morretes, Brazil

  38. Deke

    you would need to make two movies: one to end tokyo drift and that will end to bring us to f&f 4 and then the next movie to start where f&f 4 finished ( start by getting dom off the bus) and the off to europe. They end up in europe because they hear that letty is still alive and living over there (and she’s waiting for dom). Bring back some old faces.

  39. Joey

    A good idea to bring Letty back is to show that everyone thought she was killed but she wasn’t. But Brian knew about it that’s why he didn’t seem sad at the funeral, which was a closed casket btw, and that’s why he had been in contact with her in the first place(scene on FF4 where Dom finds her cell and calls the last number which rang Brian’s cell). So she got into witness protection and they sent her to Brazil. Brian tells Dom that Letty’s in Brazil but finds out that she’s in trouble.

    Well, anything could happen. It’s just an idea for those who want Letty back.

  40. Russell

    what ever happened to fast and the furious jailbreak which was meant to be the movie between the fast and the furious and the 2fast and 2furious

  41. sam

    WTF is wrong with you idiots? Bring letty back?! WTF is that shit? Is this Days of Our Lives?! lmfao. Noobs!

    Start directly off with the bus break in the beginning then hit hte credits. when it comes back to we see Dom, Brian, and Sean in a noodle bar. Discuss Letty and Han’s death and move forward with the story.

  42. BigDawg

    This is what I think… after Don turned him self in and they where sending him on a bus to prison and Brian and a group of cars were coming up on the bus and Don with that look of ( welp another movie on the way) Should pick up from there…. reason why… Like they did in the 4th movie start out with high acation witch would be them hijacking the bus and freeing Dom.. After getting off the bus hes able to get in touch with Hons in Tokyo before he is killed. Dom hops a plane and flys over. Brian mean while is now wanted by the Feds. for his actions. by the time Dom gets to Tokyo he finds out that DK has murdered his brother witch is Hons. When he meats up with the actor from tokyo drift.. some how bring all the main actors in to one… I mean and I quote (DK FAMILY IS LIKE THE MAFIA) so things could happen for the best.

    I can say. Keep up the good work..

  43. mike w

    well i think Fast and furious 5 should start off on getting dom and then like a FBI chase scene after they get dome that last like 6 minutes and then the whole crew should run off to Italy and they bring the American muscles and they racing against Lamborghinis and Bentleys lol and Ferraris and then some how meet up with dk from td and find out about hans death and beat off the mafia and the u know the guy that is that drug dealer in 2f2f that gets arrested well they should some how get him involved in the mafia like they bust him out for his business. then they should have him like bet Rome in a race and then kill rome or other why cause brian said you know he gonna come for you when he get out at end of 2f2f. or you could like have that guy call out Rome in a race since he will be apart of mafia and like could even turn out where he is like holding han hostage and he gets beat by rome then right there u have some what of a story line

    cause that is what made the FF4 so good cause it had a story line and awesome action and i really think f*ck letty don’t bring her back cause that going to F*ck things up and don should get new girl like the one in Tokyo Drift

    please let me know what u guys think about my idea

  44. TJ

    Letty is dead and Han is dead that’s it the rest of the people who r still alive from the first movie should come back like leo and maybe vince and also Roman Peirce should come back from 2f2f idc where it takes place but they should be in it i guess lucas black can be in it to

  45. Nick

    Oh, but I understand that you’re just trying to make a better movie, right? By bringing Letty back to life. Why don’t we add a little bit more? Torreto is really a cop! And Brian is just a citizen impersonating a police officer! And Brian goes to jail! Genius!

    Or how about Brian and Rome open a small business together? Selling shoes? And you can have your wish, and Letty could be shopping for a new pair of shoes? And the conflict is that Brian’s shoestore doesn’t have the kind of shoe she wants? And the unforgetable climax is when Letty finally leaves to go to the shoestore across the street? And we leave it open ended for a sequel, by having the last scene being that she can’t find the key to her apartment? Oh, and the sequel is that she realizes she left it in brians shop? And she has to go back and face the guilt of going to a rival shoestore?

    Oh my gosh what if it turns out Mia is really a guy? And while we’re at it, bring Han back to life? And make Brian marry Mia, not realizing she was a guy? And torreto is his best man? And Bilkins is really white?

    No, I’ve got it!!! What if F&F 1, 2, and 4 were all just hallucinations? and the year could be 1908? Oh, and Brian could really be rolling in his brand new 1908 Buick Model 10? With a total of 30 horsepower, top speed of 10 mph? I’ve got it! We can call it,

    “So slow it’s making me furious”

    Obviously, i’m exagerating, but if they brought letty back to life, I really couldn’t trust them to change anything else.

  46. Antonio Pena

    What I think part 5 should start off as is of course begin by getting dom off that dam bus. but a stunt like that has to be of course the beginning of the film and is not going to be a simple task with just three modified cars so I think there should be some added support like a chopper or at the end of the road have dom’s friends from part 1 the only 2 who didn’t return to the sequal then after they help him escape they make there way to Tokyo and then the end of Tokyo drift connects with ff4 after the race dom beats the kid from Tokyo drift and recruits him for yet another scheme to get rich along with tyrese and paul walker to start stealing armored trucks and then my mind just gets stuck there

  47. thomas K

    they should do it in Germany, there is no speed limit ;)

  48. ryan

    well i think the fast and furious 5 should begin with the ending of the 4th movie breaking dom out and then continuing from there to Brazil then maybe they should make a 6th one and final one where it begins from the 5th movie then beginning of the end of tokyo drift where they headed off at the race

  49. amy

    ok, there seems to be a divide; some people are really upset that they “killed” letty and want her back in the next one and people who say let the dead lie in peace….
    I myself fall into the first group…. i think they left her death in the 4th movie purposely ambivalent. I totally expected her to walk back in up until the very last minuet of the movie! she was f*cking undercover FBI so it’s definitely possible she didn’t die the way dom IMAGINED it happened and was put in witness protection (brian wouldnt know, he hasn’t exactly proved himself trustworthy). common peeps, there is nothing “days of our lives” about that!
    have the new movie start with them breaking dom out and fleeing to brazil. when they get there they start out doing some street racing competitions. at the first race they’ll be about to start the race when a new car pulls up with blacked out windows. the mysterious car will win the race and who will step out of the car?! letty! **think, gasp, shock, tears of happiness from dom and the audience!!!!** remember in the beginning of the 4th movie letty says to dom that she hears rio (or some place in brazil) is beautiful this time of year? and she could say something snarky, like ‘well it’s about time. what took you so long?’ lol
    all i’m saying is that they cold bring her back in any number of ways without compromising the integrity of the 4th movie

  50. patrice

    Well, I think that bringing back letty back is number 1 and the way I see it, since we really did not see letty die…..letty called brian and told him what was going on and brian some how got letty to rio and when they break dom out they all hit the rode to europe and as they come up to this little house on a path there is letty…..pregrant and brian then tells dom,mia and rome (they pck him up on the way), taego what really happened and the reunion begans until maybe someone or baby operation steals their baby and they go on a blazing ride trying to get the baby back before /he is sold to the highest bidder…dont know somone big that would suprise the%^&#$ out of you maybe someone they pissed off in 1,2,or 4….i’m just saying or something to that affect and “we” really want letty back for the whole movie….thanks

  51. amy

    patrice, i like your idea. but i don’t know if the timing works out for her to be pregnant…i don’t remember how long it was supposed to be from the time dom left her in the middle of the night ( i bet he’s sorry about that now! lol) and when she was “killed” but i thought it was a yr or so later but if that;s not the case, then i like your idea of having her unbeknown to dom and the rest be pregnant.
    all i know is that letty should be brought back, i know it’s too late to b*tch about it now, but they really should have killed mia instead…it’s no like she does anything anyway! lol

  52. adam

    everyone is missing the ke points… letty is dead move on M.R didnt even want to male FF4 and only wanted a short appearance to end her time in the franchise… look… ff4 is the past…. as han is alive yes… ff3 when dom races drift king … they let out another clue… dom use to know han… and he is unbeaten throughout europe… meaning that 5 will be the missing time between 4 and 5…. it would be also possible for a final number 6 qith dom and drift king taking off after 3rd…. it would be nice to pay tribute to aussie muscle as our icon movie car is still the mad max interceptor… imagine a super charged a9x torana the true aussie muscle king… 1979 peter brock won the bathurst 1000 by 6,5 laps and set lap record on last lap. a great and unbeaterble feet.

  53. BigDawg

    Good ideas people good ideas…. but like Adam said.. ((STORY LINE)) this is the key.. letty… SHES DEAD it is over or her….. THE PAST is over they now need to catch up with rest.. Hons… DEAD… should they goe back to 2F2F no… that time ended in the last movie… They found out what dom did during that time… They need to bring Sean,DK, back and bring everyone backup to PAR… and then advance from there maybe Dom killing DK… that would be something…

    Remember its jus opions people Like Letty.. She was F*CKING HOT… but remember so was DK girl…

  54. bumble bee

    The movie should start with Dom escaping with Mia, Brian and the gang. And they should all be on the run now.

  55. Thunder

    What about the history gap in Too Fast Too Furious? Did Rome just disappear without any trace? The part where Roman starts blaming Brian for his capture and Brian told him to take responsibility for getting himself caught…. ok well, what exactly did happen with that? I don’t recall seeing how Rome got in deep water. Someone explain that.

  56. Lyle Arnett

    I believe that FF5 should take place from where Dom was on the prison bus, Brian getting him off and running to Europe where they meet up with Hon and ripping Europe and Asia up then Hon going to Tokyo in the middle of Asia, Brian and Dom keep ripping up Asia. Eventually Dom and Brian get in trouble with some high stakes racing with a bunch of mobsters and eventually leaving Asia and Dom going to Tokyo and Brian going to back to the states. Dom and Shawn keep ripping up Tokyo and Dom learns how to drift. I’m hoping that they make another one after that where shawn, Brian, Dom, and Roman Pierce meet up maybe somewhere like England or Asia and all race in a drift, drag, and straight up street race all mixed into one.

  57. Whitney

    I think it should start off with getting Dom off the bus then moving over to Europe (Germany and the Audubon) and then Dom leaving the rest in Europe at the end and then have another movie showing Doms trip through Asia and ending with the race from Tokyo drift.

  58. Emery

    As long as Vin Diesel and the original characters are in it, I don’t care where it takes place. Let’s just hope that it’s as good as 1 and 4.

  59. jwm2448

    i think ff5 should take place in Tokyo as long as Lucius black and others from ff3 are it the next movie could be called fast and more furious they should find a way to bring Letty back

  60. dawod

    you should continue it to Europe that they get dom to escape the bus and brian would have some connections in Europe for eg France. some this connections can help dom but brian and dom need race for them. then dom walks free from there they can strt there own racing crew in and they control the place

  61. jwm2448

    after thinking about it more i think the next movie should be called Faster and more Furious.

  62. Miguel

    yo u should start out by showing how they bust dom out then got to miami to pickup rome and go to europe…crush some people in races and then move on to the tokyo drift scene with dom at the end vs the new DK……..along the way they have people after them.

  63. kelloG

    We all agree about the breakout from the bus! I can see the FBI chase afterwards! Something has to send him to tokyo? True! how about he decides to go to tokyo to learn to race on the asian circuit for a minute and finds out that his friend hans has just been murder. that would link him to the race in part 3! he is there trying to figure out what happened. While Jason Stateman is in the crowd and talks to dom after the race and talks to him about a race in europe where the money is enough to give him a new start. But the race consits of a team of racers, over different courses! That would bring in to play alot of people!! The asian guy from part 1, The nephew from part 4, tyrese from part 3 and even the two latina guy in part for as part of the team. But the asian guys would be on the opposite team trying to get revenge on Dom and the New DK. Cause the Old DK had to leave and he got wind of the race! Seeking his honor back! something like that! just an idea! Sorry about letty but she dead! I hate that too! MAN WAS SHE HOT!!!

  64. Cross

    I think Fast & Furious 5 should be in Tokyo, because Dominic aka Vin Diesel appears in the end of F&F Tokyo Drift. For the name i don’t have any suggestions. Also i agree with “kelloG”

    Or they could make F&F 5 in Europe, and make F&F 6 in Tokyo as long as Paul Walker & Vin Diesel are the original characters. I would love to see Brian driving the green Mitsubishi Eclipse and Dominc driving the Honda S2000 :)

  65. Nichole

    Start directly off with the bus break in the beginning then hit the credits. when it comes back to we see Dom, Brian, and Sean in a noodle bar. Discuss Letty and Han’s death and move forward with the story. then do a back flash somehow tie all the movies together and have one hell of a ending with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel doing something new none of this tokyo shit we wanna know what happens from the last scene of the fourth movie when Dom is on the prison bus and they show up in cars that what the public wants to see.

  66. GabEclipse

    They need to fix the space between third and fourth to be honest. I heard F&F5 will start off in europe. My personal opinion I think there should be more racing/drifting in the 5th installment cause to be honest the 4th one sucked. It was more action than it was fast and furious. And to all the letty fans (doms gf) I hope she doesn’t get in the 5th installment cause if she did that messes up the 4th movie. The main story on doms part on F&F4 was to find letty’s killer. And they messed up on the 4th by showing a picture of the 09 skyline gtr when paul walker was choosing his skylines cause tokyo drift was made in 06. It will be difficult but if they add more drifting/racing ill go watch it.

    *Import Face-off Enis, Tx june 27*

  67. MovieGuru

    K first of all F&F4 was a prequil to tokyo drift, Han is dead letty is dead. This is how the next installment should happen. Start it off with Brian and Mia breaking Dom out of the prison bus, after that they go there seperate ways Dom travels to tokyo to visit Han, Brian and Mia venture off to Europe for some recreation. They should follow Dom to tokyo where he finds out Han has been killed he races and learns from the new DK than finds out that Brian and Mia got into some big trouble in europe so he has to recruit a new team to go help them out….

  68. Charles Masters

    none of you guys quite hit it on the head the fast and furious five should continue as follows first obviously brain and mia brea dom off the prison bus the feds arent too far behind,they chase them for this they will need supped up suvs for the police to catch up with the charger once they make it out of mexico they destroy all evidence cars and all yes even the charger sad to say they must be locked up or blown up dom and brian and mia seperate brian heads to miami with mia and buys a house while driving with rome rome retires to stock car racing and brian retires to working in a car shop or something of the nature dom escpes to asia where they do a few street scenes the selection of asia would be so dom can fight off lettys death there he meets someone new but everything gets cut short when dom hears of hans death enragd by two of his colleagues death he heads to tokyo to figure out who killed him and why where he meets the high school kid from the tokyo drift team and near the end of the movie dom and sean have the last fast and furious race ever to be helt dom with the roadrunner he won from han in a sideline race which should have been showd in the fast and the furious four but wasnt and sean with his nissan powered mustang dom sees the race ahead and forfeits and retires from racing then tells sean about his cars here in the states giving him ownership over the only car left the chevelle ss and sean giving dom the mustang in return and dom hides in tokyo in secracy -no more racing where the movie ends thyis is how it would go in real life

  69. Mark

    Ok here is my idea. connect the original FAF with Tokyo. Dom, Brian, and Mia go to Tokyo to escape the feds. They meet up with Sean and Twinkie and neela. In the first 30 mins Neela gets kidnapped by the new head of Yakuza. then DK who still loves Neela comes back from hiding to help Sean Dom and Brian. Then the 4 men try to rescue her and fight the Yakuza. Then the head of Yakuza turns out to be Han’s twin bother. He wants revenge against the 3 men he blames for Han’s death. Dom ( since he got Han into the whole street racing world), Sean ( Han died to save him) DK ( he basically killed Han. It would be cool. a love triangel between Neela Sean and DK. Sean and DK fighting each other not trusting each other.

  70. justin

    it should pick up were it left off and it should come out on the 10th year but whatever it is or about i can’t wait

  71. Priya

    Fast and Furious 5 should take place in Europe picking up from FF4. It would be totally awesome though if there was an FF6 that picked up from Tokyo Drift!

  72. bob

    don’t know if it was mentioned before, but has anyone realised that fast and furious (4) was predominantly hispanic with the music, girls and locations, where fast and furious 2 was predominantly african american with the music, lifestyle and actors, tokyo drift was obviuosly asian and fast and furious 1 was a bit of everything (or you could say caucasian themed or no themed, i dont really remember) but these movies brought out each race’s (no pun intended) prowess in driving. it would be fitting if we did go to europe fo the next movie, especially sweden and their crazy drivers, but all the cars would be exotic supercars and/or smart cars/fiats. no tuners. there could also be rally cars

  73. justin

    i think they should bring back all the people from all the movies – letty and start in tokyo and then go to euro that would be a kick ass movie

  74. DUDE

    The next movie of fast and the furious should either start of where
    tokyo ended and then go to europe where dom breaks out. Now either way the movie needs to be done right from the start. Make it a
    kick ass movie from the start. title in mind for this movie live n 5 back for anthor ass kickin. Or just keep it the title fast and the furious 5. Some how if you get new people in the movie get back T Gibson from part 2 and some how put him in the 5th movie where
    brian o connor needs some help from an old pal. And don’t forget eva mendes. An old flame from part 2 and put her in there also to make thangs realy interesting who will o connor chose between jordana or eva. If this movie turns out like this it will be kick ass i hope LOL.

  75. sean

    you cant brin back dead people u idiots!

  76. rosa

    wOoooW, the idea of brittany the first one in comment, is amazingg yeah yeah, start in tokyo where tokyo drift ended, and appear paul love it, then go to europe or something leave the other gay who was in tokyo drift, he can be with them something like that, but sur it will be amazing too yeah!

    Love vin and paul ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  77. Jay

    keep it in the USA. FF1 was the most realistic. The last one seemed like a video game. They need to tap into the underground street scene and ditch the hollywood rainbow effects.

    whatever happen to camaros corvettes and mustangs? ive never seen one in any of them. I think if you put Ferrari and lambos in it you’ll get another “Redline” and we all remember how horrible that movie was.

  78. jim

    Please make the new one in tokyo and then move it to europe and they need to bring Tyrese back into it.

  79. abba

    It will be nice having fast n furious 5. I can’t wait. I like it more if the new DK in the tokyo drift is in the cast. “Fast and Furious 5:ALL STAR”

  80. Ben

    Ok some of you people dont get the order of the Fast and Furious sequel. The order goes like this The Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious (which is a major f**ck up), Fast and Furious, and then The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. If you dont get it then watch it in that order I just gave you one day. The movies are about street racing and the intensed bullshit happening to the characters. No way an hell Letty or Han will come back. This is not about raising the dead. Since people do love Michelle (Letty) so much I think that Letty should have a twin sister. Dom and Brian would somehow connect with her. The Europe idea is not bad. There should also be scenes of where Dom left off at the end of Tokyo Drift. Statham is a great idea for the new movie. I think that Tyrese Gibson should be in this also. If they do so then it would make 2 Fast 2 Furious blend in the sequel. That movie is out of the line. Well lets hope this new movie would not be a disappointment to the fans.

  81. Chris

    Ben, 2 Fast 2 Furious is not the second in order. More likely that would fit in as the last. It should be like this: The Fast and the Furious; Fast and Furious 4; supposedly Fast and Furious 5; The Fast and the Furious-Tokyo Drift; and then 2 Fast 2 Furious. I agree that 2 Fast 2 Furious is a screw up. Everyone is getting confused. I like the idea of Letty having a twin sister. Michelle could play that. Tyrese Gibson cant come back on the 5th. It doesnt work with the story. The 5th should start out in Mexico, ending from the 4th, then they run to Europe and whatever happens there gets so intensed it forces Dom and Brian to seperate and thats where Dom ends up in Tokyo and Brian back in L.A. then he runs off to Miami from the authorities for aiding and abetting. Thats how 2 Fast 2 Furious ends up being the last.

  82. Dara

    I think The movie should add ons but have a lot of new stuff as well… Like a Hot Black girl who knows about cars to take the place of Michelle Rodriguez… or Michelle comes back in 5 because she somehow escaped and ended up in Europe and the Cute Black girl who knows about cars is the one who found her and nursed her back to health…and of COURSE Hot new cars…some of the new american muscle cars cause the new SS & Challenger, Whoa, sexy!

  83. Thomas

    I say pickup at the end of tokyo drift, with dom and the new DK racing, and have Brian O’Connor sitting at the finish line amd blend the storyline in with the ending of FF4. some how you guys will figure it out and it will be great like always.

  84. oscar

    they should get dom out then go 2 tokyo were brian letty and doms sister are waiting for him at the finish line when he beats DK and then they go back 2 miami were they go with tyrsse and the grage him and brian opend then from there the FBI are looking for them and the whole crew leaves 2 europe then from here the directors better make the rest of the movie good…

  85. Daniel

    i want Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez in faster than furious and brain and mia shouldd have a baby

  86. Shanna Alexander

    I think it should leave off where ff4 left off, but have the guy from toko drift come in somewhere in the movie. It could be like having all the racer coming together from different countries to help brain and his team get dom out of prison. It would be really cool if they had a big car ordeal at the end and of course have lots of action.

  87. lil flip

    they should call it “faster and more furious”

  88. zackjw

    i liked all the fast and furious series but they need to focus more on raceing thats why the first and third where the best dont get me wrong the new one was good so was the second but brians not a cop so doin dirt and racing should be the premace and the new one should defintley end up in tokyo because c’mon drifting is just freaking amazing its taking a sport and turning it into art its like ciggerettes its just addicting and its also another sport that originated from the street which in the beggining its what brian was trying to infultrate was street racing which he loved so much he had to become a part of then he became a cop again then turned back to the street so the new one should be more rugged and they should be running from the cops and raceing rather the working with the cops and racing and they should defintly keep drifting involved

  89. Jamal Heidt

    first off the next movie should be called either “THE FASTEST AND THE FURIOUS” or “FAST AND FURIOUS:MUSCLE VS IMPORT”. Instead of the first scene being a truckjacking, it should be Brian-Mia and the other guys getting Dom off that bus. Then Dom suggests to Brian and Mia that he knows someone (Hon)in Tokyo and possibly they can hide there, which the race at the end of Tokyo Drift takes place-and at the end of the race where Brian and Mia and the rest of the gang are waiting to offer and welcome the new kid (Lucas Black)into the crew. Being that Lucas Black kept Hon’s shop up, thats where they fix their cars and also hide out. Meanwhile we see that Braga (from the 4th film) got his start from the bad guy (in 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS)in a reminiscent scene, he is busted out of jail by a boss from London,England (Jason Statham). Now that the bad guy from(2 FAST 2 FURIOUS) is seeking revenge on Brian and Roman Pearce and the new guy (Jason Statham)wants to defeat Dom, Brian calls on Roman to join him again. Dom finds out that “Jesse” from the first film is cripple from the waist down but can still fix cars from the waist up, and also break out of prison the one person who he can trust- “Vince” also from the first film. (it will be good to see Brian and Vince fuss and battle again). The other guy who was in Dom’s crew in the first film is also back, who we now know kept up with Vince while in Prison and somehow relayed the message to Dom. It all comes down to Brian and Roman vs the Bad guy from the second film, and Dom vs Jason Statham’s character ending in a huge fight. As for Letty, Michelle Rodriguez didnt want to do another film so we should all respect her. But if she insist on doing another movie, in the 4th movie the last person who she contacted was Brian. So during the chase scene we dont know if she was talking to Brian on the phone-which gives us the assumption that after the crash maybe she wasnt dead and Brian came to her aid just in time and covered everything including the funeral so everyone would think she was dead. You have to remember, she did say in the beginning of the movie to Dom “we’ll figure out something, we always do”.

  90. Brenda Urenda

    If the do another ff movie i will be so damn happy because on this one i hope they let toretto out to help bryan again. Bryan and mia should get married on this 5 movie. and a lot of drifting

  91. mandy

    i think it was good but there sould be more racing

  92. LaTonya

    I think a Fast and Furious 5 would be GREAT!! One thing I would love to see happen is the return of Tyrese also. It would be great to have ALL 3 GUYS on one show, with Ludacris as the race car host again. I am a big fan of Fast and Furious and now own all 4 copies. Please consider these suggestions, for I think you would truly sell out with a cast of this nature in the movie. Anyone who is a Fast and Furious fan such as myself, I know would absolutely LOVE IT!!!!

  93. jrsingh

    I think the fast and furious should start off with the ending of the fourth one when they were about to take dom from the bus. I love the fast and furious ( except tokyo drift) and i really wanted it to start from where it left off so i took a vote of my whole school and 93% of my school says the same. If the movie starts with the bus scene you would make alot of people happy.!

  94. Jenn

    ff5 can’t involve tokyo because ff4 supposedly happened before tokyo drift. i think it should just start out where ff4 left off. i like this cast much better…tokyo drift took the movie off course…its like it wasn’t even part of the trilogy.europe isn’t a bad idea but what good would it do if they are wanted by the fbi in the U.S?…how would they keep that story going if they go across seas? i thought Letty should come back at first but that would be too corny. Rome maybe…and maybe even Vince. but Brian and Mia do need a stronger role together.

  95. Mr P Robb

    They should definitely do a FF5. At the end of FF4, you can clearly see that there will be another sequel to this movie. I enjoyed every FF movie thus far, and they should continue to bring more and more. As far as the title goes, it should be called “Faster and the Furious”. They should bring in Tyrese, the guy from Tokyo Drift, and Ludacris to get Dom out of prison. The movie should take place somewhere in Europe.

  96. matt

    I think they should call it fast and furious- ride or die.. They should start it off with them breaking dom out but not showing how exactly. Just showing that Letty is sitting next to mia.. Then pan to toyko where dom races lucas aka the new dk to start his rep out there. Then bring brian and mia there to start building a gang. But also joining is rome . Brian and Dom send rome and mia to europe to start checking things out there while they tie up some loss ends in toyoko, They show a quick glipse of Carter Verone the drug dealer from 2 fast 2furious capture rome and mia. Now with brian and dom and letty they r now racing through europe to find them..

  97. Blackbird302

    ok..brian busts dom out..would now be on the run from feds. Dom splits to do his own thing in tokyo where 4th left off. brian goes to europe to learn more about lambos/ferraris/porsche/astin martin/jag/and bmw’ feds enlist the help of a british operative (with extensive driving skill) to apprehend brian..Jason Statham!!..Dom hears brian is on the run and doesnt have many more places to run..statham hot on his trail..dom goes to europe with lucas black to help..brian also contacts roman dom,lucas black, and roman pierce show up to help him…little do they know, statham enlisted the help of vince who claims to be able to get close to dom again but bring him down because he feels betrayed that dom came to the help of brian and hasnt tried to contact him……………………..and then let the magic of the producers and writers take it from there………………….

  98. Francis Cannon

    i think from tokyo so vin diesel can have the race with the guy from tokyo drift then maybe paul walker should show up then all go to europe

  99. LaTonya

    I think Fast and Furious 5 should be called FAST AND FURIOUS FOREVER!!! It should begin where 4 left off, only they should also bring back Tyrese and Ludicrous to help break out Vin Diesel. In addition to bring romance back into Vin Diesel’s life they should bring in a new female to play the part which should be played by DANICA PATRICK!!!!! Rome and Diesel’s sister should finally get together as the entire crew go to Europe, where Tyrese would fine his love which should be played by GABREIL UNION!!! The mission should be based on them finding out that the government has set them all up.

  100. Jess

    woot woot another fast and furious would be awesome. i hope they make another one :) But not in Tokyo. In La!

  101. Lunaticz

    i think the continuation from tokyo drift is a nice concept however, the europe idea is not bad either. from tokyo dom will travel all the way to europe to meet brian o’ conner and along the way they will find themselves racing with the TRANSPORTER himself frank martin. How about THE FAST, THE FURIOUS and THE TRANSPORTER

  102. Don

    i think that they should continue from ff4 when vin diesel is on his way to prison and paul walker and the rest of the gang is gonna bust him out.Then they should go to tokyo that way the movies all tie together.

  103. camaroman67

    I think that the movie should start off by getting Dom off the bus. Then when the FBI finds out that brian was a part of that he flees to Italy an starts to race american muscle cars there. Then dom races in tokyo and gets in trouble with the mafia there and leaves to Italy and runs into brian and they begin to race as a team against the Italian race team that they later find out to be the Itailian mafia and dom has fallen in love with the head of the mafias daughter. Then brian is forced to race a guy that has never been beat to save Doms life.That would be a good movie.

  104. Natalie G

    I say it’s great thats its somewhere new and I think maybe it should have a little to do with Tokyo Drift, maybe about Han he was in the forth one for a little bit, something to do woth his death maybe. In Tokyo Drift at the end, where Dom and that other guy is about to race, maybe take off from that race after he escapes from the bus on his way to prison. Or get Tyrese Gibson in it, have the 3 guys Paul Walker, Vin Disel and Tyrese Gibson. Now that would be sick. Statham is another great idea snce he is a pom and all, not to mention a great actor.

  105. Kerry

    I think the 5th one should pickup after Dom gets of the bus.Then Brian run’s to “New York City” with Dom and Mia ,but when Dom, Mia and his team rob a truck that belongs to the Mafia Dom gets shot and Mia crashes and go’s to the hospital.After that the mafia comes after Dom and the others. When Brian finds out what happened he tells Dom that they got to get out of there ,but Dom won’t live he want leave in tell he gets revenge.So Dom and Brian team up to find and kill them.

  106. Tammy

    Of course it has to begin with Dom coming off the bus!! All the characters have to be back including Letty! It needs to be in Europe with Jason Statham……what an awesome movie that would be! It would have all your race scenes with the best drivers

  107. Konstantinos Filippakos

    I would have to say definitely have it at the end of Tokyo Drift, bring Lucas along and then some how take it all to Europe. it feels empty to see the ending of Tokyo Drift and just let it hang like that

  108. Aleks

    I hope once they finish making the 5th they should start working on the 6th movie so people wouldn’t have to wait to long for the next move more racing more heat and action included don’t take to long and make it nice

  109. Advisor Zen

    Keep The Fast and the Furious simple, so I made a list:

    – bring back Tyrese Gibson, Lucas Black and Letty (for God sakes, ur killin the fans!)
    – use themes from the first movie, great movies usually have good reception, no cheap tricks, no overrated stunts, just keep it simple with an assload of adrenaline- pumpin races
    – name the fifth movie that has a reference to the number five: The Fast and the Furious: Fifth Gear, for example?
    – Never, EVER kill off important people, that doesn’t make the situation any better.
    – want sweet ideas? Look at Need For Speed series, Gran Turismo, ANY racing games for ideas. Remember: people want sweet believeable car stunts in races (see also: Need for Speed: Most Wanted), if car moves are wat ur after: look at Need For Speed: Carbon, remember: u’ve got the characters with the backgrounds, give them the spotlight.
    – If u need characters, USE old characters (I cannot stress that any more), people like it what old characters are reintroduced.
    – If ur talkin bout car tuning and import scenes, talk about car tuning and import scenes, muscle and tuner cars are the greatest here
    – use famous cars (eg. plymouth hemi cuda, shelby mustang gt 500, Chevy Corvette, Dodge Viper, Toyota Supra- wat happened to the first one?), another thing: if ur filming in Europe, use big rich exotic super cars (eg. Lambo, Ferrari, Porsche, Nissan GTR, Aston Martin, Mercedez-Benze SLR Mclaren, Mclarin F1 if avalible etc.)
    – If you need new characters, introduce known actors (Jason Stratham is a GREEEAAAATTT choice), people like movies with KNOWN actors, NOT accomplished actors.
    – inform the audience: simple. Inform the audience bout what you’re talkin about, not everyone’s a car enthusiest. Some cant tell the difference between a honda civic and a nissan skyline. Car tuning and mods: explain and elaborate things. Dont leave people in the dark.
    – Car action scenes: Get bout 7 or so scenes into the movie, the more the merrier!

  110. Advisor Zen

    short and simple question: are hollywood anti car film people? It just seems that every car film I’ve watched (death race, fast and furious, dukes of hazard, transporter) all seem to get really poor reception.

    Tell me.