Fast and Furious 5

Fast and Furious 5 Movie with Vin Diesel and Paul WalkerFast and Furious 5
Directed by Justin Lin
Starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker
Release Date: TBA 2012

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7 Responses - “Fast and Furious 5”

  1. kasey

    omg i so hope they don’t make us wait that long for fast and Furious 5. That’s going to really s*ck! Bring back Letty!

  2. F and F

    They should make it where Letty doesn’t really die or something.

    But the 4th one was really good =]

  3. atherss

    I really reckon they shouldn’t of killed Letty at all. proper gutted she got killed haha. good film though they better hadn’t make us wait for ages for this one! it’s been some good fast and furious films so far. :)

  4. ATV racer

    I wander when fast and the furious 5 is going to come out. But, I also want it to be in Baja Mexico again. Bring Letty back!

    I also hope they break dom out of prison.

  5. Kid

    Fast and Furious 5 is more than likely going to have Tyreese Gibson in it. why does everyone want letty back?

  6. nikki

    how the hell would they bring letty back she did i mean lets get real i loved her character but really they had a funeral and everything how would they bring her back?

  7. Jamilla

    Remember Letty was working for the FBI so it could easily be made to look as if she died in order to set Dom up, knowing he would show up. Why would the FBI be at Letty’s funeral in the first place. Quote FBI agent to Brian “Sad I thought he would show” We want Letty back because Dom and her were the only ones that made since together. If anyone had chemistry it was them. Hint Hint !!