Fast and Furious 6 Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Dom (Vin Diesel)

This new picture of Fast and Furious confirms what we knew all along: Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) is still alive, and she will show up in the upcoming F&F movie:

Fast and Furious 6 Trailer – In theaters: May 24, 2013

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

“Dom and his crew head to Europe.”

Is Dom (Vin Diesel) glad to see Letty? Will he dump that cop girlfriend he met in Brazil to get back with Letty?

Anyway, the trailer will premiere at the Super Bowl, just three weeks to wait!

7 Responses - “Fast and Furious 6 Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Dom (Vin Diesel)”

  1. Shakira

    So can’t wait!

  2. taylor

    I thought letty was dead

  3. Brittany A

    If you watched the bonus scene after the end credits you would know that Letty is not dead.

  4. Kaitlynn

    There is going to be a love triangle in fast 6 between Dom, Letty and the cop from fast 5 and who is Dom going to choose and Mia gave birth to a girl or a boy or twins. I think that Letty was brainwashed

  5. Rinnzler

    How about Letty has a twin sister!!! Now so who died, Letty or her twin sister?

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