Fast and Furious 6 Release Date

Fast and Furious 6 FilmUniversal announced the release date of fast and Furious 6: the film will hit theaters on May 24, 2013. Yep, we’ll have to wait two long years! I guess Vin Diesel will have time to film either Riddick 3 or xXx 3 then.

Fast and Furious 6 Trailer

Anyway, where do you think the story of Fast and Furious 6 will take place? In Europe? Will Letty show up for real?

5 Responses - “Fast and Furious 6 Release Date”

  1. wade multerer

    i think letty will come back but not until the end of the movie since i think the going to make 6 and 7 back to back and they will use letty as a cliff hanger

  2. F&F Enthusist

    I believe that if you watch carefully to where Hun is driving towards the end in the new Lexus, it will say on the sign “BERLIN”…..(took me the first time to get this! And then you listen to where the suppose heist is with letty!!!
    Well….. BERLIN…..

    Put ya finger to ya lip n say “ONE MILLION DOLLARS””BINGO”!!!!

    I believe it will roll onto Hun and letty doing a heist in Berlin and then Hun running to tokyo (F&F: TD) and letty catching up with Dom and the rest in Rio (Or where ever Dom,Mia,Brian are)!!!!

    Just my little thoughts and twists on how they are portraying this!

  3. fastlover

    Ok so at the end of fast 5 the dt hands over a file with Letty’s name on it! Brian and Mia have a baby and in the new Letty’s supposed to come back right?? Well I know this is out there but where is the baby??

  4. derek

    Letty and dom aren’t getting back together letty is leading a gang of thieves in Europe and dom and crew will become rivals with.her gang … cousin (not to be named) worked on.the visual effects of.this movie

  5. wally

    i think it will be awesome. They have everyone back for this movie