Fast and Furious 6 Scriptwriter Hired

Fast and Furious 6 FilmScreenwriter Chris Morgan who worked on The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift, Fast and Furious and Fast Five will be also pen the script of Fast and Furious 6. The plot hasn’t been announced yet.

Fast and Furious 6 trailer

Do you think they should bring Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) back from the dead in fast and Furious 6? Or do you want to see what brought Dom to Japan in Tokyo Drift?

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  1. Mitchel

    I say both, I want them to bring Letty back and show how Dom ended up going to Tokyo, Japan. But if they’re gonna think about bringing Letty back like everyone wants, then they’re going to have to pull their asses together and come up with a good damn storyline for that too happen, make it possible, make it unbelievable, make it amazingly badass, in a way that noone else can think of, but most of all… make it longer, I say about 3 1/2 hours, maybe:)

    • for real

      I agree with u @Mitchel… Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) needs to come back and they have to have an off the chain storyline for her not being dead from#4 and explain Dom trip to Tokyo… Has to be a damn good plot, storyline to pull off 3 1/2 hrs of movie… I would luv to see Michelle Rodriguez reprises her role as Letty and her Dom together again…I was like to see them bring everyone from Fast Five back with a kick-ass storyline and racing alittle bit more of that…

  2. Grant

    I second Mitchel

  3. Nikki Lorder

    As long as ALL of the originals come back or it won’t make sense like Tokyo Drift.

  4. chantelle

    i hope mia has her baby in it and letty comes back and they do another job and i hope its on longer so it will be better

  5. J-Doe

    Dom already have that chiq cop with him at the end of the Fast Five so there’s no possible way they can bring back Letty. The story will be screw up if they do that. After Fast Five they’ll probably show how everybody go on with their lives in the beginning of F & F 6 after gettin all their money and I think the story will be focus with that last scene in F&F:Tokyo Drift where Dom and Sean about to start a race. just sayin folks

  6. Millie_INC

    I so agree with everything that was already commented! I’m so excited! I definitely hope Letty Comes back! Mia, Brian and the baby. Definitely need to finish the Tokyo Drift storyline. All originals please! And Dom’s new Chick needs to step aside! But I have a couple Ideas for how they could bring back Letty.

  7. Rick

    I say the f&f 6 should show everyone with their money show how Han gets to japan then pick up after f&ftd the whole team comes back to get revenge for Han just because Sean beat him in a race does not mean dk is gone that’s my thought use the whole team from fast 5 use Sean and bow wow could be really good just saying

  8. Hodge

    J-doe.. Did you sit in and watch through the credits? There was a very big hint that Letty is coming back from the dead at the end of the credits ;)

    • J-Doe

      u got me on that one Hodge, yea I just watched it again earlier and you’re right but they better come up with a good story on how she survived that shot from the 4th one.

  9. Mitchel

    J-Doe man, the thing is, they never actually showed how Letty died, that scene in the 4th film was only Dom’s imagination thinking she died, no one can know what really happened if they weren’t there. So, they can come up with a good storyline for it. like Monica also told Hobbs is that Letty was found with a team doing a job.

  10. M-Raven

    I don’t think they should bring Letty back, I know it was sad to see that she died but bring her back would take out the realistic part of the show, and that is how sometimes life is jacked. Out of all the F&F movies Tokyo Drift was the only one I did not like, the original characters are best. Now what they should do is make a unique storyline, alot longer though, and it would be good to see the black guy from part two make a return. If you remember he made a few remarks that makes it sound like he knew Dom.

    • hiddnroses

      M-Raven, I agree with you that they shouldn’t bring Letty back and they should expand on their lives from Fast Five. Honestly, Letty’s character never impressed me and I truly never got a feeling of chemistry between her character and Dom’s character. Being a chick, I can usually be emotionally moved somewhat easily, but really them killing off her character didn’t faze me at all. I actually think it helped the storyline. No offense to the actress or the writers, but I think the movies are just fine without her and I really don’t want them to get too much of a soap opera storyline going on. Hence, bringing people back after they are supposedly dead. This is not As the World Turns.

  11. russel

    i think you need to tell us how did dom get to tokyo and how letty even to took the job and what happened then. i also think it would be nice if got to see everyone from 1 to 5 in the 6th part from the good side and bad. it would be a great movie to watch and see how everything falls into place in the 6th part.. i would be great to see letty and dom in the next movie.

  12. Mitchel

    M-Raven, she didn’t die, that was only Dom’s imagination, they never showed her die. So no one can say she died when no one was there when it happened.

  13. sunshine

    Letty is great with dom, their perfect together, But what i think letty did was fake her death to set dom free, So he didn’t have to run out on her anymore, and have a reason to run back! I think that might come into play, but we will never know till it comes out!

  14. crayon117

    they should definitely bring letty back!

  15. lexi328

    Yes! I agree with Sunshine and Mitchel…your guys are right! Letty didn’t die. She had to find a way to set Dom free and now she is surfacing! I think Michelle Rodriguez is awesome…So excited!

  16. Eddie Guy

    We want Letty back…And some new nice customised models of cars too for street racing….THat will be great…..

  17. letty

    Sorry But at the end of fast five after some credits run they show Letty is Alive.

  18. xxjazzyxx

    I think number 6 should have Mia’s baby in it and Letty back!

    Please bring Letty back to life! it’s what the world wants.

  19. bubbles

    Bring Letty back please!
    Let Mia have her baby!
    And lets see what happened in Toyko!

  20. mike

    They are making Fast 6 and Fast 7 so they got plenty of time for Tokyo . They gonna do a job in Europe because the pic from Letty is in Germany and Han was talking about going to Madrid so you know they’re going to Europe in Fast and Furious 6. Tokyo will probably come into play in Fast and Furious 7.

  21. Aplus

    All I have to say is that they better have Letty come back and let that brazilian cop step away. ^_^ but they should make it have a complex plot to tie the story together.

  22. Kate

    They have to bring letty back! Her and Dom were so good together, but i agree there is going to have to be a kickass storyline to make sense of why and how she’s not dead. that cop needs to disappear so letty and dom can get back together, can’t wait to see michella again

  23. manny

    all they should do to bring letty back is say that she did was fake her death so she could be free and the reason why they make a fake funeral is because she brought evedience to the cops and the reason cops was at the at the funeral was trying to dom motivation to go after to get braga in jail

  24. Abz

    even if letty did not die, why did she run away? and no one cares why dom was in tokyo

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