Fast and Furious 7 Plot Details leaked online, Jason Statham is the villain!

Vin Diesel announced long ago that there would be a Fast and Furious 7. Now sounds like plot details have leaked online. According to the online rumor, Jason Statham is set to join the cast of Fast and Furious 7 to play the role of the main villain! Yes, the crazy Jason Statham from the Crank movie franchise and from the Transporter against Dom (Vin Diesel)!

Fast and Furious 7 Movie Trailer

Jason Statham’s character is introduced in some kind of extended bonus scene at the end of Fast and Furious 6. The scene bridges the gap with Tokyo Drift and announces Fast and Furious 7.

From what I heard Jason Statham’s character would be the brother of Owen Shaw, the bad guy in the sixth installment. Jason Statham’s character is probably set to hunt Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew to avenge his brother (who’s dead or in jail).

What do you think about Jason Statham playing the next villain in Fast and Furious 7? Do you root for Statham or Diesel?

18 Responses - “Fast and Furious 7 Plot Details leaked online, Jason Statham is the villain!”

  1. taylor

    You can’t make Jason Statham the villain on the next fast and the furious! (if it’s actually true)

  2. Pinoy Movie Blog

    What? If he gets in I’ll probably root for him. :-)

  3. Ash

    Given Statham is the only qualified driver of the bunch, it would be pretty mad. He can fight, drive & act, better than the rest. Bring it on!

  4. taylor

    nah i dont think he will want to do it

  5. bob

    i am so glad they finally bridge the movies so that tokyo drift finally makes sense in the fast and furious movies. I think fast and furious 7 should be the last one though they are making too many of them and soon people are going to hate it a lot

  6. T

    Spoiler alert!! Statham IS the new villain in Fast 7. There’s a post credit clip in Fast 6 and he’s linked to Han’s death. And just for the record….you can never make too many Fast and Furious’…Keep em comin please!

    • Ac

      There won’t be enough fast and furious but I hope the next trilogy (if it’s actually a trilogy) will star the same crew with some nice addition. I really hope they won’t screw up with some bulls*** like the son of Bryan or the death of some other member of the crew

    • ben

      haha that is so true but it would be mad if they all made up and did some next heist to take over the world and bring back more racing not fighting

  7. Jay Colon

    I think adding Jason Statham to the movie is a great idea he is an incredible actor & he is FINE just like all the other actors in the movie (Vin, Tyreese,Dwayne,Luda,and Connor, etc) the movies r getting more interesting every time so Keep em Coming as long as the actions dont get too Fake and computerized. Its all good

  8. Alexis

    Wow it Will be amazing

  9. moviesfreak

    Watched fast and furious 6.Nice ending leaving the space for another sequel.

  10. nacho

    Jason can’t be a villain come on! he’s crazy enough to be on Dom’s team… use him as a transporter there or something…

  11. Gori13

    Maybe bridge story and then maybe its a story of revenge for Han. Statham maybe the hired hunter from Yakuza. Heheheheh story maker?

  12. Ben made

    Don’t worry about the amount of movies because with Brian having a son in # 6 they’ll probably use him for a reboot if or when it’s necessary.

  13. mia

    Maybe they will go after letty also( betrayal and because she’s dom’s girlfreind)

  14. Nigga

    this is rubbish statham is good but not better than diesel