Final Destination Death Trip 3D

Life is tough in time of recession. But it could be worse: imagine if you had the Grim Reaper nastily going after you! Just look at this new still of Final Destination 4:

(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)
Final Destination Death Trip 3D Movie

What an horrific picture! I can but agree quote Iszaham who tipped us about this pic: “this is wicked!”

Final Destination Death Trip 3D is the summer movie 2009 that will give you goosebumps!

8 Responses - “Final Destination Death Trip 3D”

  1. FinalDestiantionFAN

    Damn that picture is gross but i cant wait for freaking
    final destination 4, i am a horror/gory/bloody/thriller movie fan
    and a big fan of Final Destination so i really badly can’t wait
    for FINAL DESTINATION 4 bring all the blood and gore.

  2. Scytherius

    Yeah, but WHERE IS THE TRAILER?? =) I so can’t wait for this movie!

  3. jose

    i like all final destination movies but i want this one to be scarier! can’t wait!

  4. ryan

    this is going to be a great movie cause I’m in it! coming 2009

  5. your mom

    This movie I know for sure is going to be good because the guy who directed the 2nd movie is directing this movie! the 2nd was the most horrifying and gruesome so i know for sure that Final Destination 4 will just be the BEST!

  6. Johnny

    Can you have a final destination 4 death : HELICOPTER DEATH , that a survivor will die of a rotor of a helicopter when this victim is gonna escape when he/she realized that Nick O’Bannon that the survivors will die. The helicopter might lose of control and will gonna crash but the rotor will hit the victim.

  7. eho

    i can not wait! and when is the trailer of Final Destination 4 gonna be showcased!?

  8. crackman

    This is the guy who plays “the cowboy”:

    It’s the only death scene in any Final Destination movie derived from the original story. Same guy played the racist redneck dude in Great Debaters.