Final Score Movie Trailer

Final Score 2018Check out the first official trailer of Final Score, the upcoming explosive action thriller directed by Scott Mann and starring Dave Bautista, Pierce Brosnan, Ray Stevenson, Ralph Brown and Amit Shah:


It’s all about to kick off!

Plot synopsis:
“A group of heavily armed criminals take control of a football stadium packed with 35,000 spectators. Ex-soldier Michael Knox (Dave Bautista) is forced to use skills from his military background and everything at his disposal to save the hostages, including the life of a fallen comrade’s daughter.”

So Drax and James Bond will team up to save the day? Awesome!

The UK release date of the movie Final Score is set to September 7, 2018 (in theaters and on Sky Cinema). No official US release date yet.

Stay tuned for updates.

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