Fits and Starts Movie

A first official picture for Fits and Starts, the upcoming romantic comedy movie written and directed by Laura Terruso and starring Wyatt Cenac, Greta Lee, Maria Dizzia, Alex Karpovsky, Ben Sinclair, Onur Turkel, John Rothman, Louis Cancelmi, Larry Murphy, and Sam Seder:

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Fits And Starts Movie

Plot synopsis:
“David Warwik (Wyatt Cenac) is a struggling writer who has been toiling away at the same novel for years. His wife Jennifer (Greta Lee) is a hot young literary figure, who has just released a new masterpiece. When her publisher invites the couple to an artists’ salon at his home in Connecticut, the pair embark on a twisted journey, and David must face his demons and try to ‘not be weird’ among the waspy salon guests and competitive art set in attendance. He encounters a dentist with publishing aspirations, a book critic full of condescending advice, a fellow writer who may know his wife a little too well, an old ‘friend’, and a high powered bipolar literary agent who just might be able to help him…for a price.”

They definitely look like a NYC couple!

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Fits and Starts.

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