Flight 666 Movie

A first official poster for Flight 666, the upcoming action horror movie from The Asylum directed by Rob Pallatina based on a script by Jacob Cooney, Brandon Stroud and starring Renée Willett, Paul Logan, Liz Fenning, Jose Rosete, Joseph Michael Harris, Jesse James D’Angelo, Justin Hoffmeister, Clarissa Thibeaux, Brendan Petrizzo, Greg Furman, Shamar Philippe, Elizabeth Harding, Seth Rakos, Matthew Riley, and Sharon Desiree:

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Flight 666 Movie Poster

Terror at 30,000 feet.

Plot synopsis:
“Passengers and crew on an international flight are attacked by unseen forces that threaten all aboard and on the ground below them. As they fight to stay alive, they start to realize that these are actually the spirits of murdered girls determined to stop their killer on board who will do anything to remain free.”

So the passengers will have to kill the actual murderer?

The release date of the movie Flight 666 is set to May 29, 2018.

Stay tuned with us for more details.

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