Flowers of War Movie Trailer

Flowers of War FilmWe’ve got our hands on the first official movie trailer of The Flowers of War, the upcoming war drama movie directed by Chinese filmmaker, Zhang Yimou (who helmed House of Flying Daggers, Hero and Raise the Red Lantern) and starring Christian Bale:

“In 1937, Nanking stands at the forefront of a war between China and Japan. As the invading Japanese Imperial Army overruns China’s capital city, desperate civilians seek refuge behind the nominally protective walls of a western cathedral. Here, John Miller (CHRISTIAN BALE), an American trapped amidst the chaos of battle and the ensuing occupation takes shelter, joined by a group of innocent schoolgirls and thirteen courtesans, equally determined to escape the horrors taking place outside the church walls. Struggling to survive the violence and persecution wrought by the Japanese army, it is an act of heroism which eventually leads the seemingly disparate group to fight back, risking their lives for the sake of everyone. Through treacherous surroundings and facing unimaginable evil, THE FLOWERS OF WAR, inspired by true life events, manages to tell a genuine story of hope, love and sacrifice. With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, fate always has a way of bringing the most unlikely heroes together.”

And three new posters of the film:

(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)

The Flowers of Wars definitely looks worth watching.

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  1. xino

    movie looks good, War films are always nice.

    I like the 2 side story of this movie, the trailer is sort of deceiving and also showing deception.
    Half of the time you think the Japanese army are trying to rape the girls, a time you think the girls/courtesans are giving sexual services and another time you think someone or Christian Bale is protecting the girls.

    Art of deception here.
    But I don’t know why the movie is split into two because half of the story is about foreigners protecting China against Japanese, one of them working with Christian Bale. While the other half of the story is about Christian Bale protecting girls in a church from invading Japanese.

    I won’t be buying into this movie because it seems like another propaganda trash from China!
    Taking another hit at the Japanese again to make them the bad guys and evil.

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