Fly Me To The Moon IMAX Trailer

A new full length trailer has been released for Fly Me To The Moon, upcoming 3D movie that will be shown in your nearest IMAX only.

Fly Me To The Moon Second IMAX Trailer

In Fly Me To The Moon, three young houseflies stow away aboard Apollo 11, which is in a mission for the first Moon landing in History.

One Response - “Fly Me To The Moon IMAX Trailer”

  1. Brian

    My family and I were a little disappointed in this movie. This movie came out in our area in only two places. Both were IMAX. We were under the impression that this was the 3D movie, when it was not that at all. This movie was about 40 minutes shorter that the 3D movie is. This was not advertised very well. We were led to believe that we were seeing the 3D movie. I would still like to see the 3D version when it is available, but I won’t go see this one again.