Forbidden Kingdom Girls fight better than men!

Forbidden Kingdom - Li Binbing vs Michael AngaranoThe official release of the Forbidden Kingdom is for today. Some would just go for Jackie Chan and Jet Li, who worked together for the first time on a movie.

But I would say that there is much more in this movie than the two kung fu masters.

The Silent Monk (Jet Li) and the Drunken Master (Jackie Chan) battle it out for the staff in The Forbidden Kingdom.

Right there is Michael Angarano too, but well, he can’t compare to Jet Li and Jackie Chan despite a real talent.

When I say there is much more to see in the Forbidden Kingdom I mean girl fights!

Here below a sweet and sour fight between the two main girls of the film:

Girl fight: Golden Sparrow (Liu Yefei) vs the white haired Assassin (Li Bingbing)

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Liu Yefei and Li Bingbing are awesome: now, am I going to the cinema for the Forbidden Kingdom, or to see those sweet kung fu girls fighting each other?

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