Forbidden Kingdom Pictures Music and Preview

Today is full of news for the Forbidden Kingdom, upcoming movie starring both Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

1. First about Jet Li, we had pictures of Jet Li as the Silent Monk already, but now we’ve got our hand on pictures of Jet Li interpreting his second role in the movie: Jet li is indeed interpreting two roles in the Forbidden Kingdom.
Here Jet Li as the Monkey King:

Jet Li Monkey king

More pictures of Jet Li the Monkey King at Forbidden Kingdom Jet Li Monkey King

2. Some Soundtracks of the movie are also available on the web at:

Forbidden Kingdom Soundtrack

3. And we’ve got two brand new preview clips:

Drunken Master (Jackie Chan) vs Silent Monk (Jet Li): Showdown

Cherry blossom fight

More preview clips at Forbidden Kingdom Preview Clip

Both fans of Jackie Chan and of Jet Li can be happy today!

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