Forgotten Evil Movie Trailer

Forgotten Evil FilmHere’s the official trailer of Forgotten Evil, the latest drama thriller movie written and directed by Anthony C. Ferrante and starring Masiela Lusha, Kyle McKeever, Angie Dick, Jeff Marchelletta, and Adrian Bustamante:

Plot synopsis:
“Renee awakens, sinking underwater inside a tightly tied sack. Struggling, she somehow breaks out from her underwater coffin. When she awakens again, she remembers nothing. Without a past, she is released from the hospital forced to start a life anew. Amongst the new faces that enter her life, there is an old one, one that she does not recognize — her husband. As he grows closer and closer, those around her fall victim to deadly accidents. Now Renee must remember her past if she is to have a future.”

Renee you better go get a gun asap!

Release date: March 12, 2017. (available on VOD).

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