Free State of Jones Movie trailer

Mahershala Ali andMatthew McConaughey star in FREE STATE OF JONES movieThe first official trailer of Free State of Jones, the upcoming Civil War drama thriller movie written and directed by Gary Ross and starring Matthew McConaughey, has been released online, watch it below:


A confederate soldier who became an outlaw,
an outlaw who became a leader,
a leader who inspired a rebellion!

When America was at its most divided they fought as one!

Plot synopsis:
“An epic action-drama set during the Civil War, it tells the story of defiant Southern farmer, Newt Knight (Matthew McConaughey), and his extraordinary armed rebellion against the Confederacy.
Banding together with other small farmers and local slaves, Knight launched an uprising that led Jones County, Mississippi to secede from the Confederacy, creating a Free State of Jones.
Knight continued his struggle into Reconstruction, distinguishing him as a compelling, if controversial, figure of defiance long beyond the War.”

Actor Matthew McConaughey really owns the role of Newt Knight, impressive performance!

What do you think of this first trailer of Free State of Jones? Share your thoughts below.

The film will hit theaters on May 13, 2016.

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