Friday 13 Movie Remake New Trailer

Friday the 13th Remake movie

We’ve got a new trailer of Friday The 13th, the upcoming remake of the famous slasher movie of the same name:

Friday the 13th Movie Trailer 2


Did you know the young boy who drown here? He was my son….
His name was Jason and today is his birthday!

This new Friday The 13th movie is directed by Marcus Nispel and is starring Derek Mears as king slasher Jason Voorhees. The film will, of course, be released on Friday 13th, this February.

One Response - “Friday 13 Movie Remake New Trailer”

  1. kiara

    This movie is so dam scary i almost died! I know one thing i would never be by myself or mess with Jason… i am not ready to die, and he makes sure you are dead… He kills in nasty ways… WOW!