Fringe S05E01 Transilence Thought Unifier Model-11

Fringe TV Series - Fringe Season 5 Episode 1Here’s an extended preview clip of “Transilence Thought Unifier Model-11”, the first episode of the fifth season of the mind-boggling science-fiction TV series Fringe:

Fringe 5.1 – Where is Olivia?

Fringe S05x01 Transilence Thought Unifier Model-11
Episode summary:
“The science team, preserved in amber until 2036, joins the resistance forces fighting for freedom against the technologically-advanced invasion forces from the the future. Reunited with his grown daughter after two decades, Peter and Etta set out to locate and revive Olivia to help in the battle against the facist regime.”

Fringe returns this week, on Friday, September 28, 2012!

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