Fringe S05E08 The Human Kind

Fringe Season 5 Episode 8Check out the preview trailer of “The Human Kind”, the next episode of the final season of Fringe, the science-fiction TV series created by J.J. Abrams:

Fringe 5.8 – The Human Kind

Fringe S05x08 The Human Kind
Episode summary:
“Olivia encounters a very intuitive and oracle-like person named Simone (Jill Scott) as she looks to recover a key piece of equipment for Walter. Meanwhile, Peter finds himself in a perilous situation as he observes Windmark (Michael Kopsa).”

This new episode of Fringe will be epic! Do you think Peter will kill Windmark?

2 Responses - “Fringe S05E08 The Human Kind”

  1. Doug

    I’d guess it can’t be possible that Windmark will be defeated by Peter guessing that Windmark is P.B. But after he is defeated: P.B. will be returned to human and Etta will return. Anything is possible with this series: Causality is irrelevant.

    • Nornotur

      Pretty cool theory … … but y, everything is possible. Fringe is best sci-fi series after few last years and J.J.Abrams & his production starteam are GODS. >>>>>>>>>> J.J.A. is owner! <<<<<<<<<<<<<