Fringe S05E11 The Boy Must Live

Fringe Season 5 Episode 11Here’s the official trailer of “The Boy Must Live”, the next episode of the science-fiction TV series Fringe:

Fringe 5.11 – The Boy Must Live

Fringe S05x11 The Boy Must Live
Episode summary:
“As time dramatically ticks down toward the end of this acclaimed series, Peter, Olivia and Walter stop at nothing to save the universe from Observer rule. Walter enters the infamous deprivation tank in an attempt to uncover a key piece of information about the mysterious figure, Donald. Meanwhile, Captain Windmark sets out on a revealing mission of his own as long-standing questions are answered.”

So November is Donald! I can hardly recognize him with his hair!

2 Responses - “Fringe S05E11 The Boy Must Live”

  1. Duh

    Seriously – not much of a fan if you don’t know that the Observer’s name is SEPTEMBER – not November.