Fringe Season 5 – Peter Bishop is Wanted!

Fringe Season 5In the fifth season of Fringe, the Observers want to catch Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson):

Fringe Season 5 – have you seen this individual?

If you have any information concerning this individual, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately!

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  1. Joey

    Great teaser for the new season, I can’t wait! I wish this weren’t the last season, but I’m glad they have the opportunity to wrap up the story instead of being cancelled abruptly. My crazy schedule at DISH means I will miss the premiere this season, but I’m ready. My Hopper DVR has PrimeTime Anytime which automatically records Fringe without having to set an individual reminder for it. In fact, it will record all the shows in prime time from the four major networks automatically. I have been keeping up with all the gossip sites on the show and I can’t wait to see how we defeat the Observers. This should be the best season.

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