Fugu and Tako – That’s Awesome!

You may watch below Fugu and Tako, an awesome short-film written and directed by Ben West from Robot vfx:

“The story follows two Japanese salary men’s lives that literally transform when one of them eats a live puffer fish in a sushi bar.
An amazing buddy film with stunning visual effects.”

And here’s an official poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


Friendship can be fishy.

So do you feel like eating a puffer fish or an octopus?

Anyway, awesome short film isn’t it?

“That’s Awesome!” is our special feature in which, once in a while, we try to highlight interesting stuffs we saw here and there.

By the way, you may help support the next chapter of the story via kickstarter: –> more info

–> Support the next chapter!


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