Gerard Butler Gamer Movie Trailer

The movie GAMER is starring Gerard Butler.Directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, who brought us the Crank movie series, have been working on Gamer, a new science fiction action thriller movie. The movie Gamer totally redefines what game immersion means: in the future virtual and reality are intricately mixed! Besides Gerard Butler in the lead role, the film is starring Logan Lerman, Milo Ventimiglia, Aaron Yoo, Ludacris, Alison Lohman and John Leguizamo.

Here below a bootleg version of the first movie trailer of Gamer that leaked online:

Gamer Leaked Trailer


“Set in the near-future, mind-control technology has taken society by storm and a multiplayer on-line game called ‘Slayers’ allows humans control other humans in mass-scale. Simon controls Kable (Gerard Butler) the on-line champion of the game, and with his every move tracked by millions, his ultimate challenge becomes regaining his identity and independence by defeating the game’s mastermind (Hall) through launching an attack on the system that has imprisoned him.”

The plot of this movie isn’t so farfetched. And actually it’s nothing new. Army commanders used to place tin soldiers (or just pictorial representations) on battlefield maps: the real soldiers are bound to their tin figures by the constraint of hierarchy. In the movie Gamer, the new constraint is “just” an appalling technological gizmo.

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