Gehenna Where Death Lives Trailer

Not only there’s a new poster for Gehenna Where Death Lives, the upcoming horror thriller movie starring Doug Jones, Lance Henriksen, Eva Swan, Simon Phillips, and Justin Gordon:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Gehenna New Poster

Some fates are much worse than death…

Plot synopsis:
“A resort company dispatches key personnel to the remote and pristine Pacific Island of Saipan to search for locations for their company’s new luxury resort. They find curious natives with superstitious leanings, and strange dolls whose power comes from how they are placed. They know the history of Saipan is full of conquest and exploitation, and was the site of some of the most fierce and harrowing fighting during World War II. They embark on their search and find what they think is the perfect spot for the resort. There is just one thing – what appears to be a cave on that perfect spot, so they decide they’d better check it out. It turns out at first to be a hidden Japanese bunker from WWII. They soon find out it is more than that. Trapped by their own curiosity, they seem to traverse time and logic. They encounter unexplained visions – in most cases, manifestations of their most private secrets and inner demons. They try to reason it through, in an effort to find a way out. The suspense builds as the secrets of the bunker itself become more known and they learn there are such thing as ancient curses, and there are some places on Earth where death itself can live. A series of twists culminates in a most shocking conclusion. Some fates, in fact, are MUCH worse than death.”

But there’s also a new movie trailer, watch it below:


Going down that hole is tantamount to going to hell…

The film is directed by Hiroshi Katagiri.

The release date of the movie Gehenna Where Death Lives is set to May 4, 2018 (in theaters and On Demand).

Stay tuned with us for more details.

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