Gerard Butler Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizen MovieAn international trailer of Law Abiding Citizen, the upcoming action thriller movie starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx, has shown up:


“After a home invasion, Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) is told that one of the criminals who killed his wife and daughter would get off due to his cooperation with the district attorney’s office and the other would be put on death row. Shelton seeks revenge not just against the criminals but the entire justice system; he is quickly captured, but Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx), a heroic yet corrupt D.A. who got one of the murderers off, quickly realizes that prison isn’t enough to keep Shelton from killing those who kept the criminals from getting the sentence they deserved.”

One can understands the rage of Butler’s character. But that guy is nuts: not only he decides to tackle the murderers on his own, but he also wants to take down the justice system!

One Response - “Gerard Butler Law Abiding Citizen”

  1. Sandy

    Opening date is Oct. 16.
    Can’t wait for this one.