Get Low Clip

Get low MovieYou may watch below a series of preview clips of Get Low, the upcoming drama comedy starring Robert Duvall, Bill Murray, Sissy Spacek, and Lucas Black:

Get Low – You cant have a funeral if you are not deceased

Get Low – Don´t you ever say what you mean?

“Based on a true story of a hermit who lived for forty years in the Tennessee woods. Felix Bush (Duvall) decides it is time to plan his funeral. But his funeral will not be any old macabre occasion. Organized by a local undertaker played by Bill Murray and his sidekick played by Lucas Black, the funeral will be more party than memorial and an event to which anyone and everyone will be invited and at which Bush will reveal a long kept secret.”

More clips of get Low below:

Get Low – Frank convinces Buddy to be a salesman

Get Low – Maybe he put his soul into it

Get Low – What do you do when people won´t die?

Who said that one has to be deceased to have a funeral? Isn’t that unfair?

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