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Ghost in the Shell MovieScreenwriter Laeta Kalogridis has been hired by Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks to pen a script for the upcoming live-action 3D movie adaptation of Ghost in the Shell. And she’s been talking about her take on the famous manga:

“I’ve got Ghost in the Shell, which is an adaptation of another manga and anime with DreamWorks and Steven’s producing that and I’m hoping that the draft will come in pretty soon and I’m hoping he’ll like it. DreamWorks had the material and I have loved it for years and years and years. They contacted me about it when they found out that I was interested. I mean, there’s just no other property quite like it. It could actually be three two-hour movies, which is what I would vote for, but it’s the seminal cyberpunk text as something like Neuromancer. I mean, it really just is, and there’s nothing else like it.”

Scriptwriter Laeta Kalogridis

So she’s thinking about writing a trilogy? Well I hope she will manage to convince the execs at Dreeamworks because I strongly agree with her when she says that there is a lot to develop with Ghost in the shell! The universe created by Masamune Shirow is damn huge and would definitely deserve to become a movie franchise.

Here’s the movie trailer of Ghost in the Shell, the animated movie:


“A female cyborg cop and her partner hunt a mysterious and powerful hacker called the Puppet Master.”

I was blown away by the Ghost in the Shell animated movie at the time, so I wait with impatience for Dreamworks’ live action 3D adaptation and have high expectations!

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  1. gsmonks

    Just don’t wreck it. Spielberg is great when it comes to special effects but lousy when it comes to anything resembling a script.

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