GI Joe 2 Confirmed

The movie sequel to GI Joe has been confirmed. Paramount’s vice chairman, Rob Moore, announced indeed that a sequel will soon go into development. The cast of the first movie will be back for GI Joe 2: it’s in their contract and anyway, that’s an offer they wouldn’t refuse. From a conference in Australia some time ago we know that Director Stephen Sommers is interested in helming the new GI Joe movie, but Rob Moore didn’t confirm if Stephen Sommers will keep his job.

GI Joe 2 Movie Trailer

I’m damn glad they’re going ahead with GI Joe 2. The first film was like 2 hours of action non stop with plenty of sci-fi gadgets: I really enjoyed the film. Just one thing I hope they do better in GI Joe 2 though: please allocate more money to the CGI budget. And give more screen time to Rachel Nichols (who plays the sexy Scarlett)!

Spoilers follow:

Cobra Commander and his minion Destro – GI JOE 2
The starting point for GI Joe 2 is quite obvious: Cobra Commander (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and his minion Destro (Christopher Eccleston) will escape thanks to Zartan (who assumed the identity of the President of the United States). So GI Joe 2 will probably be something like GI Joe Revenge of Cobra.

I really want to see an all-powerful Cobra Commander in GI Joe 2!

4 Responses - “GI Joe 2 Confirmed”

  1. J Smith

    The JOES are going forward. YO JOE!

  2. chaser

    i hope they put tomax and xamot twins.Dr. Mindbender also. He did escape from the blast in part one. Serpentor would be great also but maybe to soon. part3 (if they make a part 3) would be good for serpentor.

  3. robert Peltz

    Total agree about scarlet

  4. Joseph Lucas,III

    I want a lot of Black Ninja’s in the movie and Destro in the movie.