GI Joe 2 Movie

GI Joe 2 MovieDirector Stephen Sommers composedly announced that there will be a movie sequel to GI joe during a conference in Australia. I guess it’s good news because the first movie is actually setting things for something much better ahead. From the tidbits that leaked online we know indeed that the upcoming GI Joe Rise of Cobra movie is a kind of Origins story for Cobra Commander.

GI Joe 2 – GI Joe Movie Sequel

At the beginning of the GI Joe movie Cobra Commander (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is actually called the Doctor. He’s working for James McCullen who’s a the head of the powerful company MARS.


But at the end the Doctor becomes the Cobra Commander we know, an evil genius all powerful and damn Machiavellian, and James McCullen can but step down to become Cobra’s minion under the name of Destro (Cobra gifts him with a mask made of nanocytes).

Cobra Commander and his minion Destro – GI JOE 2

The yet-to-be-released GI Joe is suffering from some bad buzz online, can understand this by looking at the poor CGI of the exoskeletons… But I guess it won’t hinder GI Joe from being a blockbuster: lot of action, plenty of special effects, and the whole thing based on a famous franchise, you bet people are going to watch it in theaters. I know I will! Can’t miss that!

But I’m much more thrilled by GI Joe 2! The origins of Cobra are maybe interesting but what I want, and I guess GI Joe fans too, is to see a full-fledged Cobra Army with its mighty Machiavellian commander at its head.

GI Joe can be a hell of of a movie if they do things right. Could be a perfect mix of action and science-fiction!

So let’s hope that Director Stephen Sommers will have the means to bring us this GI Joe 2 movie!

15 Responses - “GI Joe 2 Movie”

  1. Skip Harrald

    I finally was able to go see the first G I Joe movie…. and i enjoyed every minute of the movie. The actors did a bang up job and the special effects were awesome. I can’t wait till the sequel comes out.

  2. Luis

    I think they should put Sgt Slaugther in GI JOE 2 and give that role to GOLDBERG!!

  3. jeff s.

    they should give a role to goldberg for gi joe 2


    i wanna see gung ho , shipwrek , and lady jaye for the gijoe team in gi joe 2 . as the cobra i hope to see cobra soldier, viper soldier, scrap iron, major bludd , the cobra base , and the gijoe base in action .

  5. Terry Christensen

    I saw the first movie on Dec. 25th. It was really good. Snake Eyes is still my favorite character. Now I’m wondering if they’ll have Lady Jay and Gun Ho.

  6. benji

    they better do the mass device and the making of Serpentor to get Cobra La involved

  7. Jason

    hey what about flint he’s the number two guy, and my fav from childhood lets see flint in number 2!!!

  8. Migz

    I think, that the movie was based to SIGMA 6 version. I hope Im wrong, I wanna see more of Cobra-La, like Golobolus, Nemesis Enforcer and alot more.. :D

  9. hernan folchi

    Being a Joe fan forever, I enjoyed the movie and am looking foward to part 2. Gotta say, I hope that they stick to more “traditional” costumes and hopefully “Flint” will be one of the main caracters to appear. I am old school and bin wit the joes since early 80’s. I also only collect 25 anniversery figures. Go! Joe!

  10. Keith

    G I joe was great. Would like to see beach head in g I joe 2

  11. Jamil

    I can almost guarantee that Flint is going to be in the sequel. (pontential spoiler ahead)… If you saw the movie Brendan Frasier was the beret-wearing instructor in the G.I. Joe base. That’s gotta be Flint. Female ninja Jinx might be in there too based on some hints dropped during the movie. Can’t wait to see what they do.

  12. fuzzy wuzzy

    I don’t know what you people saw this movie but it was a wreck! Maybe the director should put more effort into the second part and get some information on the characters’ origins.

  13. Snappz

    the character in the first joe movie was not flint it was sgt stone
    and from my guess when they release the second they will introduce early main characters…rock n roll, grunt, zap, stalker, short fuze, gunh ho, roadblock, flint, ect….
    and i believe that the storm shadow character will make a return to this flim….when they released the POC figures they released a frost bitten/burnt version and the pursuit of cobra follows the rise of cobra so hopefully he will return also i hope that they will include.. the drednoks?????
    i say the start of the new movie will have the president”which is now zartan” give government orders to release the commander and destro or the baroness is inside helps somehow the escape of them ….
    can wait to see
    thanks for reading my input

  14. RaVeN Darkwolf

    if you watch the end credits and sequance of the first movie when its rotating through the joe insignia you will see the sigma six symbol on one of the panels and as far as brandon frasur being flint the carictor he plays in the movie vand on the action figure they made of him is named stg stone

  15. Jesse

    The movie was beyond horrible, it should’ve been shelved.If they insist on making another one they should just reboot it altogether & get actors that can actually act.