Glass Movie starring Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and James McAvoy

A first official look at Glass aka Unbreakable 2, the upcoming drama horror movie sequel written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan and starring Bruce Willis as David Dunn aka Mr. Unbreakable, Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price aka Mr. Glass, and James McAvoy aka Kevin Wendell Crumb aka The Horde:

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Glass movie - Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, and Bruce Willis Glass movie - James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-JoyGlass movie - Sarah PaulsonGlass film -Samuel L. Jackson

Plot synopsis;
“Following the conclusion of Split, Glass finds David Dunn pursuing Kevin Wendell Crumb’s superhuman persona of The Beast in a series of escalating encounters while the shadowy presence of Elijah Price, going by ‘Mr. Glass’, emerges as an orchestrator who holds secrets critical to both men.”

How did the three of them end up in that psychiatric hospital? How does this scene fits in the film? Really curious to know!

Besides Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and James McAvoy, the cast also includes:
– Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cooke,
– Sarah Paulson as Dr. Ellie Staple, psychiatrist specializing in delusions of grandeur who treats patients convinced that they are superhumans
– Spencer Treat Clark as Joseph Dunn, David’s son,
– and Charlayne Woodard as Mrs. Price: Elijah’s mother.

Anyway, here’s an additional behind-the-scenes picture:

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Glass - Bruce Willis and M. Night Shyamalan on set

The film will hit theaters on January 18, 2019.

Stay tuned for the movie trailer!

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    Samuel L. Jackson is awesome, we love him!

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