Goat Movie Trailer

GoatYou may watch below the first official trailer of Goat, the upcoming frat-hazing drama movie starring Nick Jonas, Ben Schnetzer, Virginia Gardner, Danny Flaherty, Austin Lyon, and James Franco:


Every Fall over 500,000 young men pledge fraternities.

This is their story.

Experience the secrets behind brotherhood uncensored and uninhibited.

Plot synopsis:
“After a party, nineteen-year-old Brad is the victim of a brutal attack. The perpetrators flee and Brad’s wounds slowly heal. A few months later, he enrols at university and, following his older brother’s recommendation, applies to become a member of the elite student fraternity Phi Sigma Mu where he again encounters grievous physical and psychological violence. The fraternity pledging, or so-called ‘week of hell’, consists of an endless series of humiliations by older students, including degradations, insults and beatings. Brad and his room-mate endure torture-like situations. They are prepared to do whatever supposedly has to be done to become a man.”

Damn, I kind of wish the young chap would rebel and kill all those bastards…

Anyway, what do you think about frats? Should they be they be banished once and for all as the evil spawns of freemasonry?

The film will be released in theaters on September 23, 2016.

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