Goku vs Superman – That’s Awesome!

Some people wonder who would win in a fight pitting Batman against Superman. Others prefer to fancy a fight pitting the Flash against Superman. But the real question should be who would win in a fight pitting Goku from Dragon Ball against Superman! Well, as it happens, marvelous fans did try to find the answer to that crucial question.

On one hand there’s a mislead group of fans who think Superman would win…. they even created an interesting CG animated video:

On the other hand smarter fans think Goku would win that one, and a die-hard fan of Goku came up with this flipbook video:

The son of Krypton is but a poser sensitive to Kryptonite and Goku is the ultimate warrior. So I have no doubt Goku would beat the hell out of Superman!

Anyway, awesome videos!

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2 Responses - “Goku vs Superman – That’s Awesome!”

  1. Paul

    Born in 81′ have probably a bit more nerd in me than your average reader. Goku (his fusion with vegetabis the strongest character in DBZ GT, his son is hands down the strongest leading up to the death of Cell. Goku is beaten by the androids previous to this. Su

  2. P

    As I was saying superman never loses to a small time enemy. When supermans villains return they are also stronger. Unlike Goku in hell trapped by the evil doctors. One good fight, Vegita helps. Superman on his way back from death after doomsday beats him. Two parts of his spirit return as two different heroes. No one fights when goku falls, the DBZ fighters die, Trunks even admits to it. Superman dies and the jla destroys DBZ universe. He still comes back to life and battles an evil cyborg superman. Doomsday is the only thing that can beat superman, he would also kill Goku, namek exploding could never stop him. Designed to kill heroes, kill him he gets stronger. Doomsday vs onslaught!