Green Lantern 2 Movie

Green Lantern 2 MovieThere is some confusion about who’s going to be the main villain of the upcoming Green Lantern movie. There are two potential villains, both are mentioned in the cast list:
– Sinestro, a power-hungry Green Lantern who wants to overthrow the guardians
– Hector Hammond, a twisted human who’s been exposed to a meteor while Jordan Hal was getting his hand on his superhero ring.

Green Lantern 2 Trailer

If Hector Hammond is the main villain of the first film (same storyline as in Geoff Johns’ “Green Lantern: Secret Origin”), then you can bet there would be a Green Lantern movie sequel! While the first film would introduce the public to the Green Lantern and his universe, the movie Green lantern 2 would be a real showdown between the Green Lantern Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) and the Machiavellian Sinestro.

But that’s only speculation because so far plot details of the first film are still kept under wrap… And actually it could well be Sinestro in the first film and Hector Hammond in the movie Green Lantern 2.

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  1. xino

    I don’t get it…why does the title say Green Lantern 2?
    and why does it have the 2 on this chest as a symbol?

    • Teaser Trailer

      The first Green Lantern film will probably be Hector Hammond, which leaves Sinestro for Green Lantern 2.

      Hammond is an interesting villain, but Hal Jordan’s real nemesis is Sinestro, that’s why we’re talking about Green Lantern 2 even if the first film isn’t out yet! :)

  2. Iona Sawyer

    I think Hammond would do a good job as the 1st villian with sinestro being left for Green Lantern 2.Give the fans something to continue to look forward to.

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