Green Lantern Clip

Green Lantern MovieThanks to this clip from Entertainment Tonight we get to see the first official footage of the upcoming Green Lantern movie:

Green Lantern Movie Trailer

GREEN LANTERN – First Footage

The Green Lantern’s suit doesn’t look that great, a bit too shiny… but I dig the ring! What do you think?

3 Responses - “Green Lantern Clip”

  1. xino


    complete badass!

  2. LBP

    The Green Lantern is painfully skinny in his suit, and what’s the deal with Blake “only been in Gossip Girl” Lively getting top billing? It’s Ryan flaming Reynolds who IS the Green Lantern.

  3. deshawn

    Well lbp it’s entertainment tonight and they play up for their female audience. And the visuals aren’t done so they basically have an outline but even then gl in his first appearances much like superman and batman wasn’t big and hadn’t muscles he was skinny like this.