Hachiko the Akita Dog

Hachiko is an Akita dog. - Hachiko A Dog's StoryTake a look to a few pics of Hachiko A Dog’s Story, an upcoming drama family movie starring Richard Gere:

Hachiko A Dog Story Pictures

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Hachiko, the Akita dog (BEWARE: those dogs are cute, but are damn annoying at home, no joking! think twice if you’re about to buy one!) , is found of his master (Richard Gere), it’s almost a love story! So you guess this dog’s sorrow when his dear master passes away…

8 Responses - “Hachiko the Akita Dog”

  1. kaylee

    Don’t get me wrong akitas can be great dogs but with a firm hand, that is why i am worried about this movie coming out in the US because there are way more irresponsible dog owners that will think a dog in a movie is cute and just go ahead and buy one.My aunt danielle has a akita named Vada and she is wonderful but she dosen’t do well with children ,now my aunt is a dog groomer so she deals with grumpy dogs all day and Vada is a large dog and hard to handle when she goes after another dog child or animal ,i belive it would help if you would put a warning about how Akitas need a responsible owner so no one gets hurt.

  2. michael

    Looks like a good movie. While it is true Akitas need a firm hand and a responsible owner, they are neither “damn annoying at home” nor are they bad with children. Akitas are headstrong, but if raised well can be very loving dogs. I have personally had two Akitas in the past, and currently have one now. All three were loyal and loving, and incredibly patient and gentle with my four children. My kids have played rough with my Akitas but the dogs have never responded in a bad manner. The one thing I do have to say about Akitas is that they do poorly with other animals, dogs included, but I never took the time to socialize my Akitas as puppies so I don’t know if this was just me.

  3. Kelley

    Hachiko Waits was a fantastic book. I read it to my elementary students the past couple years. Although I believe the book will be better than the movie, I’m excited about the upcoming movie. If you haven’t read the book, put it up. It’s a very easy read, geared towards a 4th or 5th grade erading level.

    As with any movie with a dog, puppy millers will capitalize on the flick, and there will be irresponsible people who rush out and buy that sort of dog.

  4. Ellenni

    I have a bad feeling about this movie. Not only is there not a single japanese person in it, but I can just see the people running out and getting an Akita because Hey! I wanna dog like Hachiko too! I have an Akita and while he is my best friend and we go everywhere together, it takes a LOT of training, time, and socializing. He also raises the insurance and will for ANY insurance company you have because Akita’s can be extremely dangerous. They are number one on most high risk dog lists for insurance companys. I’m worried about Akita’s falling into the wrong hands as far as dog fighting goes. I also feel we will be seeing a lot more Akita’s being put down and placed in shelters because people have run out on impulse and bought one, but didn’t realize that the cute little puppy turns into a 150lb dog with the ability to be extremely dangerous. I just hope that people enjoy the movie and do their research. Otherwise I’m sure this will be an OK movie/

  5. Jodi Lundin

    This is a truly touching story! I just wish they would not have used a Shiba to represent the Akita puppy. As a breeder of the Akita for over 25 years and being a top breeder in the country meaning more champions than most breeders I resent the fact that someone has called them damb annoying. Nor should the dog get to 150 pounds. The average male which is larger than the female should not weigh more than 120 pounds. I also have been an obedience instructor for over 20 years. I firmly believe; “there is no bad dog just bad owners”. All dogs have teeth. Not raised properly any dog is a risk. The biggest draw back to the breed is their dog aggression. They are protective of their family and children and should another dog threaten they are strong and fast and the damage can be severe. Like 101 Dalmatians this will spark interest in the public. If people are stupid enough to buy from a puppy mill they get what they deserve for an animal. With any breed of dog if I am going to sell a dog to someone a thorough research of the breed needs to be done. They are not a dog for just anyone, as with any breed of dog. It is going to be up to the reputable breeders to educate prospective buyers on this lovely loyal breed of dog.

  6. Kaitlyn Poole

    first off this movie is fantastic! the single best animal revolving story I have ever seen. It shows how loyal a dog can truly be to its master. The dog, like I think most akitas and other breed like it, shows more sense than most humans do. but secondly I dont think anyone will have to worry about irresponsible people getting a dog like Hachiko because of his looks, because he is an akita inu breed which are almost impossible to find, and extremely pricey. the way you can tell this is by looking at his coloring. Yes, akitas are agressive but they are not in the least bit annoying. In fact they can be properly trained to be not as agressive as their nature allows them to be. they are a magnificent breed that needs to be regarded with respect, but if you decide to own one you must be sure they know YOU are lead dog, otherwise this headstrong breed will walk right over you. It is important to train this dog, like you would want to train any other dog.

  7. Sade

    The Akita is a good dog if you have a good start with the dog, if you don’t then…good luck. O.O

  8. Ranah

    The Akita breed is one of the most unique and exceptional breeds out of all dog breeds. This movie was touching and sad, but very representative of the true character of the Akita. My husband and I will not own any other breed. The Akita is extremely loyal and protective, but when in te wrong hands can be very dangerous. The Akita was bred to hunt bear, so their strength, cunning, and fierceness cannot be matched, which is why they need a responsible owner with a firm disposition to teach them manners and obedience. The Akita is truly a breed that will protect their humans with their life. Our last pair of Akitas were so gentle, they loved children and they loved our cat. They would follow me from room to room whatever I was doing just to be close an ensure my safety. Thank you to the makers of this film, Akita lovers can all respect and appreciate this touching and true story.