Halloween 3 Movie

The Weinstein Company has announced that a third Halloween movie will be produced for next year. Also, Halloween 3 will jump into the 3D bandwagon, but without Rob Zombie. The director won’t be returning for this third opus of a franchise he brought back to life…

The second Halloween movie did not meet expectations… Here’s Mike Myers’ answer to those who were disappointed by the film and who bad-mouthed it:

Halloween III
He’s quite pissed off, so in 2010, with the movie Halloween 3, he’s gonna slash us all in 3D as a revenge!

5 Responses - “Halloween 3 Movie”

  1. JPaul

    I am a very big Halloween fan and have been since the first one hit the movie screen. But this latest Halloween II s**ks! Rob Zombie should be fired and never asked to do another one in my opinion. Maybe the directors of Texas Chainsaw can take on Halloween since they did such a good job with Friday the 13th. Going to see Halloween was such a waste of my money and time of my life that I will never get back. Hopefully and thank God Rob Zombie is gone but unfortunately not forgotten

  2. dude

    ever notice all these remakes of horror moives jason/halloween are all basicly leatherface?. lol i wonder who there going to get freddy to act like. i know the guy form the watchman with ace bandaids around his face will be playing freddy in the new nightmare on elm street.

  3. Scouttyler

    rz did okay with the first two halloween movies, not excellent, but okay. but how exactly do they plan on making a third when mike was officially killed at the end of the second and Laurie is now the crazy one?

  4. halloweenfan

    I’ve been a halloween fan ever since i can remember. i thought RZ did an awesome job on those 2 movies. I enjoyed both and loved seeing how Michael’s violence was just pure hatred when he killed those people. I’ve never seen anything like it until these 2 came out…my favorite part was when michael stomped this one dudes head in outside the strip bar.

  5. mathieu

    hi rob I was wondering if you will release Halloween 3 in theatres and I was wondering if you are almost done filming Halloween 3 and I was wondering if you will release Halloween 3
    in theatres and I was wondering if you will put the preview on tv bye rob zoembi