Harold and Kumar KKK and Redneck Clips

Why releasing so many preview clips of Harold and Kuma 2, aka Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo bay! Well, let’s hope the marketing team of this movie isn’t spoiling the plot too much, and that there will still be be some surprises kept for us.

Here below two more Harold & Kumar 2 previews clips:

Harold and Kumar in a Ku klux Klan camp fire

Having diner with a Redneck couple

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The clip with the KKK meeting is kind of funny. But the one with the Redneck isn’t as much funny. Fortunately Doctor Doogie Howser, er, I mean Neil Patick Harris, is here to give a better image of white people!

One Response - “Harold and Kumar KKK and Redneck Clips”

  1. The Divys

    I have not laughed this hard at a movie in so long!!! Holy cockmeat sandwiches!! LOL! I hope they do another movie.