Harry Brown Movie Trailer

Harry Brown MovieMichael Caine, who’s been playing in the last batman movies as the butler Alfred, has decided to become a vigilante himself! Well, at least according to the movie trailer of Harry Brown, an upcoming drama thriller movie directed by Daniel Barber:


“Harry Brown (Caine) is an elderly widower and ex-marine who has lived to see his neighborhood overrun by violent gangs, drugs and crime. When his best friend Leonard (David Bradley) is brutally murdered and the gang leader responsible walks free, Harry finds himself snapping. Soon, his desire for revenge leads to the unlikely vigilante facing up to the young thugs, with terrifying results.”

That old man got no superpowers, but he’s damn cool! It kind of reminds of Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino, but this time, the ol’ man is gonna kick them all! Is there a trend for senior vigilantes because of Population ageing?

The movie Harry Brown will be released early November in the UK, but no US release date yet. Let’s hope that Lionsgate will it soon!

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