Harry Potter 6 The Half Blood Prince Trailer In Front Of Get Smart

Harry Potter And The Half Blood PrinceCheck this anonymous comment left on the site dedicated to Harry Potter 6:

Anonymous visitor: The trailer [of Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince] comes out before the movie get smart. I know for a fact because i have a friend who brought who works at a movie theater and showed it to me, the movie looks so good.

–> Comment In Context

I’m inclined to believe this visitor because it would confirm a rumor which has been on the web. So maybe time to pre-reserve your ticket for Get Smart if you’re a fan of Harry Potter.

Update as of June 21: Seems Warner Bros. change their mind: according to the first reports the trailer of Harry Potter 6 The Half Blood Prince has not been shown in front of Get Smart….

Update as of July 11: IMAX Corporation has confirmed that there will be a SHORT, 15 second trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince prior to The Dark Knight !!!

Update as of July 19: A 15-second teaser of Harry Potter 6 is now available, but don’t expect too much… Head to the link below to watch it:

Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Teaser

We hope that in 2 weeks a full length trailer of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be shown in front of the Mummy 3.

Update as of July 30: the first trailer of harry Potter and the Half blood Prince has been unleashed, you may enjoy it at:

Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Trailer

WB teased us a lot so far but this trailer looks so promising! I can barely wait for the release of Harry Potter 6 by now!

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  1. Anonymous

    I work at a movie theater, and we don’t know the trailer package until the day BEFORE the movie is released. So take it with a grain of salt, the only person who would know what movie it’s being released on is the studio and the booker.

  2. Anonymous

    That is no necessarily true. having worked in a cinema for over 2 years i know that prints can come in weeks before it is actually released. but more than that, the print doesnt come with trailers bundled, the trailers are sent out from a different company (carlton for instance). So the trailers and the films are not always linked, and the projectionists are mearly informed of what trailers to add onto the film.

  3. Anonymous

    ell today its the day, i love harry potter but thesres no way i see that movie in theaters at least you are sure that i will se hbp so if you know something please tellme

  4. Anonymous

    ha! It wasn’t on Get Smart!

  5. Anonymous

    I just really wanna see it!!!

  6. Anonymous

    yeah whoever wrote that comment was a big fat liar. it’s more likely to show up in the dark night

  7. Anonymous


  8. Anonymous

    I’m almost 100% sure that Warner Brothers will keep delaying the trailer release until at least after the 4th of July. The summer months after the 4th are the times when movie theaters get the most visits from the public, and I’m also sure that when Warner Bros. DOES decided to release the trailer they wont tell anyone about it.

  9. Anonymous

    i bet everyone 1 million dollars it hits theatres on dark knights release. There both warner brothers movies, it makes sense.

  10. Anonymous

    i wish someone would just tell the truth about when the trailer would come out because i am a HUGE harry potter fan and i really want to see it { i hate how people make fake ones out of previous movies!!!}

  11. ange265

    seriously guys it will come out during the Dark Knight
    1. its a warner Bros production
    2. its all about making a profit right…(not to be harsh or anything) but why wouldnt they promote Harry potter 6 infont of the Dark Knight, i mean that movie is going to gather quite a massive crowd due to the death of Heath Ledger (well i know like every one in Australia will go see it) and they want to make as much money as they can….

    so just hang tight for the holidays
    its only 2 MORE WEEKS:P

  12. Anonymous

    Heres the two movies I think it’ll come out with:
    1. The Dark Knight(July 18th)
    Why?: It is(as someone said above) another WB movie, and because WB wants to torture us for nearly another whole month.
    2.Hancock(July 2nd)
    Why?:Once again, it is another WB movie, and it is most likely going to be a very popular movie, not only because the trailer was really good, but also because Will Smith’s in it, and (most) people like him.

    I hope it will be out with Hancock, because, if not, I will have to endure nearly another month of summer homework before finally getting the trailer I’ve waited for for three years. And please, do not post things on youtube like “OMG its the real Harry Potter trailer” when all you put on there is some stupid people singing and dancing. Really people, grow up.

  13. Anonymous

    When does the teaser trailer come out?!?!?!?!?!!?

  14. nenou113

    i love hp and ive read all the books and they should let out the trailor cause the get smart trailor was let out during the last harry potter movie which was last summer

  15. Anonymous

    Why is everyone tricking us ??????
    I just want to see the trailer!!!!!! Please !!!!!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous

    I don’t foresee the HP trailer being released with the Dark Knight or Hancock. The HP franchise is considered as family movies and the trailer would more likely be released with a movie of a similar rating. Isn’t the Dark Knight rated R? Warner Brothers would more than likely want a young audience to see the HP trailer (PG13 or less). My bet is with the WB release of Journey to the Center of the Earth in July.

  17. Kristin

    Dark Knight is rated PG-13. Order of the Phoenix was rater PG-13 and I’m willing to bet HBP will get the same rating, especially if the have scenes with Inferi and DD’s death.
    No reason to think they wouldn’t release it with Dark Knight. Either that or Journey to the Center of the Earth, but I’d put my money on Dark Knight. Sort of fitting with Gary Oldman in it and everything.

  18. Anonymous

    The Dark Knight is only PG-13 and Journey to the Center of the Earth is not a production of Warner Bros, it’s New Line Cinema. But I don’t know that it absolutely has to come out with a Warner Bros movie.

  19. Anonymous


  20. Ross

    Well folks how about The Dark Knight showing Harry Potter. Not only that the Dark Knight teaser was attached in IMAX with I AM LEGEND. So me thinks that the Harry Potter 6 teaser trailer should also be screened in IMAX. Why? Because Warner Bros. now releases its biggest movies in IMAX and every Harry Potter since the 3rd one was in IMAX. So its probably too late to see The Dark Knight opening weekend in IMAX with the Harry Potter trailer, since tickets are selling ultra fast. But it should be a 100% attached with The Dark Knight.

  21. Matt

    hey thanks kristen for spoiling the movie. i didn’t know dumbledore died. you just RUINED IT FOR ME!!!

  22. Anonymous

    Hey Matt–it is extremely lame that you didn’t know that Dumbledore dies. Why would you see the movies w/o reading the books first? That info has been out there for a few years to anyone who doesn’t live in a cave!

  23. djdrobins

    To be honest not all people read the books – i am sure not everyone read Lord of The Rings for example. So saying “Why would you see the movie without reading the books” is a little harsh. But yeah maybe a “Spoiler Alert” may have been listed. And on a final note – Dumbledore is in the last book and it’s not a flashback scene either – so that kind of shakes things up for the people who never read the books.
    I do hope this trailer comes out soon, am dying to see it.

  24. Anonymous

    if you didnt read book 5 and you watch the movie its hard to understand wats happening because my sister didnt understand a lot because they do not film every detail of the book.

  25. Harry Potter Half Blood Prince

    New pictures of Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince at: http://teaser-trailer.com/2008/07/harry-potter-half-blood-prince-new.html

  26. Tony Artiga

    It would really behoove WB to realease it in front of The Dark Knight cause that flick is gonna be HUUUGE! I personally don’t care when it’s released, I just want to see the movie allready!

  27. Anonymous

    it is probably going to be released with the dark knight.Another comment said that gary oldman was in hp and dark knight, so why wouldnt they release it? I just want to see it real bad, they need to stop tricking us.

  28. Ashley

    So it didn’t come out with Hancock ( lame ass movie) SOOOOOOOOO we have 14 more days to find out if it comes before The Dark Knight…. I’m praying && i hope everyone out there who wants to see this as bad as i do is praying too…..

  29. Anonymous

    I’m hoping it comes out with The Dark Knight. There still isn’t any confirmation, though.

    Just because TDK isn’t intended for children doesn’t mean the trailer won’t appear with it. The third film’s teaser trailer was attached to Return of the King, and that wasn’t geared towards children either.

    Also, movies don’t always put teaser trailers with films that are made by the same company. Harry Potter could easily be in front of something that isn’t a WB movie.

  30. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t it make sense for WB to reveal the trailer for their biggest movie of the holiday season, in front of their biggest movie of the summer season: The Dark Knight.

    Let’s be serious, the target audience for the Harry Potter films has all grown up. We’re all in our late-teens, and early twenties now. So, it does make sense.

  31. Anonymous

    I just wish they would tell us….
    but the dark, horrible feeling inside me is saying they aren’t going to release it before Dark Knight.
    WB is trying to hold us of AS LONG AS POSSIBLE and make us all crazy for the preview. They may even wait until August (the movie isn’t released until november…)

  32. Anonymous


  33. Anonymous

    Yeah, it could be the Dark Knight… but now there are rumors for The Mummy 3 (4, if you count the Scorpion King in the series, even though technically it didn’t have anything to do with the story arc). Why do people keep trying to speculate when WB is going to do anything? If they don’t even have an official website for the movie yet, what makes you think they’re gonna stop teasing us with a trailer that’s only going to last for thirty seconds anyway?

  34. Jordan

    You read that the preview was not going to come out until August 14th? Where? If that is true, it surely would be a surprise to me. Keep your hopes up, Dark Knight is the PERFECT fit for the HBP preview: Same demographic; big budget summer holiday release advertising for big budget winter holiday release; books turned movies both with HUGE cult protagonists.

    But hey, I would love to see your “credible” source. Warner Bros. is releasing its ANIMATED version of “Star Wars: Clone Wars” (Episode 2.5) on August 15th (not 14th). I am sure that is going to bring in a MUCH larger crowd than the Dark Knight.

    Let’s face it, Warner Bros. wants as many potential Harry Potter fans to be seeing this preview, and there best bet is by showing it at a Movie that should be sold out for at least two straight weeks. Dark Knight it is. But, I could be eating my words in 10 days (I am sure you will let me know).

  35. Anonymous

    guys chill my dad works for warner bros and he said the final copy of HBP comes out on the dark knight

  36. Anonymous

    I too thought the HBP trailer would be released with TDK, but Warner Bros. made and official statement that the three “big” trailers that would be previewed in front of the TDK will be “Watchman”, “Body of Lies”, and the new Terminator movie. Therefore, this leads me to believe that the trailer is going to be released with “The Clone Wars” animated movie (also a WB production) in August, which is going to attract a very large crowd as well. Guess we’re going to have to wait a bit longer.

  37. Anonymous

    i dont care about any of this crap, i just want to see the fricking preview already. and i am getting soooo pissed with all of the stupid previews made from previous movies!! who the hell wants to watch that?!!

  38. Anonymous

    I dont know if the hp movie preview is going to be shown in the dark knight but i really want to see it soooooo friking bad i thought it was going to be out on get smart but it didnt soo lets hope its out before august cuz if not im going to lose it………

  39. Teaser Trailer

    Here below the email received by a Harry Potter fan:

    “Thank you for your e-mail to info@imax.com. The Dark Knight: The IMAX Experience will open in select IMAX theatres beginning July 18th. Visit IMAX – The Dark Knight for a list of theatres that will play the film. You can either click on the homepage graphic for the film, or go to the ‘Coming Soon’ section under FILMS and select the film title. Then click on ‘Find a Theatre’. Contact your local IMAX theatre directly regarding advance ticket purchases, pricing, etc. as this is all done at the theatre level.

    There will be a SHORT, 15 second trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince prior to The Dark Knight.


    IMAX Corporation”

    So like someone said before: guys chill out, and be ready! (unless that’s one more hoax from WB…)


  40. Anonymous

    OMG!!!! we got GoF teaser in MAY!!! what is taking them so long!!!!!!

  41. Anonymous

    I know for a fact that it will be now in front of the new Mummy movie because they wanted to boost their money intake. It was in the newspaper a couple of days ago

  42. Anonymous

    ok so i know how your all arguing about what movie its going to be in.. but wouldnt you rather wait longer and get REAL trailer instead of a 15 second? the 15 second trailer only can show the movie title and a flash of lightening.. wooot go WB… !.!

  43. Anonymous


  44. Anonymous

    Oh my god! The videogame is coming out November 21st and they already have the trailer for that! I mean seriously why dont they have the trailer for this.

  45. Anonymous

    Where do you see the game trailer? David Yates already said that he wants to please the audience so dont you think he is watching bulletins and comments and babes in bikinis, what! lol jk. so yeah. Cant wait to see Draco’s blood. You readers know what I mean. The sectum sempra scene.

  46. Anonymous

    i have recently discovered that if you want to watch the harry potter 6 trailer it will be showing only through the dark knight movie no other movie

    so go see that moive and ull get a glimpse of the trailer x

  47. Breana

    It was already reported but a trailer will be in front of Dark Knight. It is already attatched tot he digital prints that have been received from cinemas and is also on the film reel previews yet to be sent!! Enjoy!!

  48. Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Trailer

    According to bloghogwarts Warner Brothers Mexico would have confirmed that the official trailer of Harry Potter 6, aka Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, will be released with the Mummy 3 on August 1st.

    So we would have to wait just two weeks after the 15-second Harry Potter teaser announced to be in front of the Dark Knight. :)

    Besides from Mugglenet we have a description of this upcoming teaser of Harry potter 6:

    “A black screen with Dumbledore saying “Once again I must ask you to do the impossible, Harry.” After that, the film title is displayed along with the release date…and that’s it” (Source: Mugglenet)


  49. Anonymous

    i am now im convinced that all this pro-longing by WB was on purpose. i mean no trailer till 3 months before and a 15 second reading of the script wtf!!? we have all read the book we want film footage

    OMG!! its a tactic WB has got going on here

    they are using us harry potter fans to gain more money to profit for the movie ‘the Mummy 3’ cause the public have a feeling it could be a flop and i bet it cost a bit to make aswell …and lets face it EVERY harry potter fan is going to see this shit ‘mummy 3’ movie just for that full teaser trailer.

    and they didnt put it in the dark knight cause everyone knew that would smash the box office alone.

    am i right or am i right
    well thats just my opinion
    damn WB

  50. Anonymous

    I saw the Dark Knight today and there was no teaser trailer… in Australia anyway..

    anyone know yet when this will be out??

  51. Anonymous

    The movie release has been pushed back to holiday 2008. We have to wait another month at the least .

  52. mollzers

    Ugh, if they DID release it before TDK (which came out today) then it would be on youtube by now… (don’t think no one taped it on there phone and put it up for subscribers) but its not there…

    The horrible, dark feeling is back people, we’re going to be waiting until August.

    I actually think WB is doing think on purpose, get everyone physced then…no. PHYSCED!!….? no

    The only thing thats came out is eight more pictures. No movie trailer….

    But am I wrong? Hope so, if it DID come out before TDK somebody post it!!

  53. Anonymous

    i cant belive itt someone here just say that they’re pushing
    the movie for the holidays so we have to wait on more month
    o0o hell nooooo this is rediculus
    how can they do this to us
    W.E mann
    im angry :@ :@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@

  54. Anonymous

    I work at an Imax theater and there will be a HP6 trailer before all Imax showings of the Dark Knight. Unlike the I Am Legends preview of Batman that was 6 minutes long, this one is VERY short. According to our general manager all it contains is the title Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, shows its release date and then says “Coming in Imax 3D.” So it’s nothing big and not an official trailer.

  55. Anonymous

    I watched TDK and there was no HBP trailer at all.

    It must be coming out in front of the mummy or whatever.

  56. Lucas

    First of all, they tell us it would be in front of Get Smart, and it wasn’t. Then they said Hancock, and it wasn’t. What if Batman will be the same way? Yes, I agree it would make sense if it was in front of Batman, but I just don’t think it is going to happen. I can tell you one thing, it should be coming out soon becasue the trailer for the new James Bond movie came out last week, and that movie comes out like 3 weeks before Harry Potter does.

  57. Anonymous

    I know for a fact that Harry Potter is in front of Dark Knight in IMAX at least for the theater I work in. AMC Theater 19 Universal Studios. I’m a projectionist and I heard my manager call up to IMAX projectionist today and ask what trailers were in front of Dark Knight and he said Harry Potter was one of them. It only makes sense to put a huge WB block buster in front of another huge WB block buster.

  58. Anonymous

    saw batman at midnight tonight (not in imax thought…) and there was no HP 6 trailer. i was pretty upset. oh well…

  59. Anonymous

    the full trailer for harry potter and the half blood prince will likely be attatched to the new starwars movie in order to get more people to go and watch a movie that will potencially bomb in the box office.

  60. Aaron Wright

    I saw The Dark Knight today and there was no Half Blood Prince trailer in front of it. And yes, I was at an AMC theater.

  61. Anonymous

    I saw The Dark Knight today and there was nothing on Harry Potter involved in the trailers, guess they did it again. :(

  62. Teaser Trailer

    UPDATE !!!

    You may watch the teaser of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at:

    Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Teaser Trailer

    Enjoy !!! (well not that much to enjoy actually…)

  63. Anonymous


    FULL Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince trailer

    DUE; 1st August 2008, infront of the premiere of ‘The Mummy, Tomb of the Drangon Emperor’

    11 more days! enjoy

  64. Anonymous

    wooooooooooooooooooo, if that last one was true about august 1st then im pumped to see it. seriously. but if this is another screw over then i am really pissed off, we have been waiting for ages, they should be giving us a bit more than a mere 15minutes

  65. johnathon livingston

    I’m really hoping it comes out with the mummy… even though i have NO desire to see that nappy movie, I’ll probs see it just for the preview!!
    or i’ll just leave after i see the preview like a fungdart!

  66. celticnightharp

    The whole reason that WB is delaying the release of the teaser trailer for Harry Potter is because there has been so much hype about the wait. They are getting MORE interest in the new film and more advertisement by holding out. When that peaks, they’ll release the trailer. It’s standard business marketing. if you noticed, WB did the same thing with the Dark Knight, playing on Heath Ledger’s final living role as the joker, (by making the first trailer center around the joker) to gain added attention to the movie. It worked, they set box office records for openning weekend with a 5.5 million (or billion, I can’t remember) when the last record was set at 5.1 a few years ago.
    you have to hand it to them, they know how to spike interests in their films.

  67. Anonymous

    Wb hasn’t released a full trailer yet because of the hype it is getting for holding out. They are gaining more interest in the film by not releasing the trailer because so many people want to see it right now, and word of mouth spreads even more interest in it. Once that interest peeks, they’ll release the trailer. It’s standard business marketing.
    WB did something similar to Dark Knight. They released the first trailer, centering around the joker, which is Health Ledger’s final living role. Because so many people are curious in his last character before he died, and those who are ledger fans would want to see it, they played off this to gain interest in the film. Their plan worked. The movie grossed 5.5 million on openning weekend which shattered the previous record of 5.1. I went to see the movie on a Monday, and it was sold out for all showings until 9:45pm.
    You have to hand it to them. They know how to market their films.

  68. Anonymous

    tuesday 29th of July
    The Half Blood Prince teaser trailer airs
    9:00- 9:15 EST

    synopsis of trailer
    “Voldemort is tightening his grip on both the Muggle and wizarding worlds and Hogwarts is no longer the safe haven it once was. Harry suspects that dangers may even lie within the castle, but Dumbledore is more intent upon preparing him for the final battle that he knows is fast approaching. Together they work to find the key to unlock Voldemort’s defenses and, to this end, Dumbledore recruits his old friend and colleague, the well-connected and unsuspecting bon vivant Professor Horace Slughorn, whom he believes holds crucial information. Meanwhile, the students are under attack from a very different adversary as teenage hormones rage across the ramparts. Harry finds himself more and more drawn to Ginny, but so is Dean Thomas. And Lavender Brown has decided that Ron is the one for her, only she hadn’t counted on Romilda Vane’s chocolates! And then there’s Hermione, simmering with jealously but determined not to show her feelings. As romance blossoms, one student remains aloof. He is determined to make his mark, albeit a dark one. Love is in the air, but tragedy lies ahead and Hogwarts may never be the same again.”

    OMG FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Anonymous

    the hbp trailer was shown today in front of the dark knight, i saw it today. the trailer was ace . i cant wait to see the film!

  70. Anonymous

    Warner Bros. confirmed today that the worldwide debut of the trailer for the sixth film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, will take place via satellite on Tuesday, July 29th, from 9:00 – 9:15pm EST.

    Below are the coordinates to pick up the feed:

    Galaxy 28, Transponder 19, C-Band Analog
    Downlink Frequency: 4080V
    Audio Configuration: 6.2/6.8

    Since most of us don’t have the proper equipment to catch the satellite feed, this likely means the trailer will be placed before The Mummy, which is in theaters the next day, July 30th.

  71. Harry Potter Half Blood Prince

    You may have an exclusive first look at the trailer of Harry Potter 6 at:


    Only two pictures actually: one of Dumbledore and one of Voldemort when he was a child!

    Yeap Voldemort had been a little child before becoming a dark sorcerer!

  72. Anonymous

    i dont work at the movies but the trailer won’t be relsed till november

  73. Harry Potter Half Blood Prince

    Cheers !

    The official trailer of Harry Potter 6 is available at:


    The movie Harry Potter and The half blood Prince looks amazingly great!

  74. djdrobins

    I just found out that they are bumping the release of Half Blood Prince to July 17 of 2009.

    They wanted to take in more profits from a summer release rather then a November one.

    This is crazy !

  75. Emily

    make it in november because that is my birthday month and i really wanted to see it . Harry potter is my favorite movie! I am the biggest Harry Potter fan!and i really wanted to see it this year veary bad,I have seen all the Harry Potter movies.So PLEASE MAKE IT THIS YEAR AND NOT NEXT YEAR.I can not wait that long.ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Poppy

    I really do not care at all about what happens to Harry Potter Why can’t it be a movie about Malfoy he’s a lot hotter

  77. amy

    Guess what guys my step mums relative has just finished filming it a couple of months ago and he says it is brilliant

  78. Teaser Trailer


    Check out the new international trailer of harry Potter and The Half blood prince:

    –> Half Blood Prince International Trailer

    This new trailer of Harry Potter is much better than the first one. If only Warner could release this Harry Potter 6 movie earlier than next year!

  79. djdrobins

    The end of that trailer says “This Year” – that gives a hint it’ll be out sooner then we thought. Hope it is this year.


  80. Ardra

    well…..It will be fantastic to see the movie- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as it’s a thrilling story. I just can’t wait to see the movie.