Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Trailer On Tuesday

Hermione in Harry Potter 6The trailer of Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince has been announced to be aired on Tuesday (July 29, 2008) on AOL site in the USA… If you are abroad, don’t worry, the odds are high to see the trailer of Harry potter 6 freely popping up on the web just a few minutes later and quite probably on Teaser-Trailer.com too!

Harry Potter 6 Trailer

Let’s really hope that Warner Bros will not deceive the fans again. Because some of them are really pissed off and WB may suffer from the backlash if they show the same disdainful approach as for the 15-second teaser previously released.

Fans are voicing their discontent all over the net. An example of a fan pissed off by Warner Bros careless behavior is Laura from EviLXProductions:
(It is a video answer posted on the teaser of HBP in my video feed on youtube, and it catched my attention.)

Thumbs up for Laura: she is a smart teen, isn’t she?
Her parents must be proud of her!

The Warner Bros company is now under scrutiny of Hogwarts’ fandom!

11 Responses - “Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Trailer On Tuesday”

  1. Anonymous

    I am so glad that I am not the only one annoyed with the lack of publicity for the Half Blood Prince. And what is up with the lack of website for it? The WB’s website is STILL Order of the Phoenix! Come on guys get with the program!

  2. Anonymous

    It’s ridiculous.. I mean, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is probably the most expected movie premier of 2008, and it’s almost August and we still haven’t seen a trailer.
    I am personally pissed, since they have decided to separate the last film and premier each part a different year. I mean, it’s all right to make 2 parts (‘coz the book is really long to be put in just one film), but to premier them in more than a 2-month-interval, that’s completely annoying.

  3. Anonymous

    Couldn’t agree more. This is getting ridiculous now. They missed a big opportunity for their target demographic by not airing it before Prince Caspian. It’s absence from cinemas has become really noticeable. I mean, it’s out in 4 months!! The annoying thing is that it doesn’t matter. They could not even show a trailer and everyone will still go and see it. But it’s really not fair to us fans with how long they’re making us wait for it. I even admit, this year is the first time I’ve gone to the cinema wanting to see the trailer for another film. It’s time WB, you’ve made us wait long enough.

  4. Anonymous

    You would think they being WB would have shown the trailer before their own summer block buster “The Dark Knight” I mean it just seems logical to me considering the known knoweledge of pre order ticket sales to advertise before it.

  5. Danielle

    Um, the girl in that video looks just like the girl that was on an episode of Nickelodeon’s iCarly show. That episode was just on a minute ago. Weird.

    Anyway, as far as the movie goes, I’m upset that it’s taken so long to give us a trailer, but at least Warner Brothers did one thing right…they got rid of the guy who wrote the screen play for OotP and brought back the screen play writer from the first 4 movies. And even though GoF left a lot of really important things out, I thought he did an excellent job on SS, CoS, and my favorite, PoA. Let’s hope he gets this one right. Casting has already screwed up with the casting of a blonde white girl as Lavendar Brown, so I’m not sure. I guess we can look at it this way…Star Wars was redone, so maybe these movies will be redone one day. And better.

  6. Anonymous

    I am dying to finally see how the Half Blood Prince is going to turn out. The Order of the Phoenix movie was a little disappointing considering how great the book was. And Danielle, you’re stupid… Star Wars was never redone, they made prequels after the original trilogy.

  7. ANON

    Issueing a warning to the WB studio. ANON likes harry potter. your greed will be your undoing.

  8. Teaser Trailer

    A new Harry Potter and the Half blood prince international trailer is available at: http://teaser-trailer.com/2008/10/harry-potter-and-the-half-blood-prince-movie-trailer-2.html

  9. gotplie101

    Sheesh they are doing everything they are doing for the movies twilight and hms3 they are ruining the suspense by adding teeny little hints and false information

  10. Emilie

    Hello! Emilie likes harry potter I am drying to finally see how the Half Blood Prince is going to turn out.

  11. bidou

    I m a French but I can say that harry potter is fun!