Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Movie Trailer 2

Harry Potter Half Blood Prince

An international trailer of harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (Harry Potter 6 in case you lost the count) has shown up:

Harry Potter Half Blood Prince International Trailer

Still wondering why WB is releasing this movie only next year… Don’t they understand that we are all craving for Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince? This new trailer of harry Potter 6 just fuel my impatience!

14 Responses - “Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Movie Trailer 2”

  1. Haadeeyah

    They shouldn’t have even released the trailer…the wait will drive you crazzyyy@.@

  2. maddyy

    omgg the movie looks so good but i think the books are so much better

  3. Amy

    Good trailer…still pissed though. I cannot show this to my kids, because it will start the drama up all over again. How do you explain this mess to a ten and twelve year old? I bassically had to cut all talk of HP from my house just to get some peace. Thanks a lot WB.

  4. Astrid


  5. BELLA

    I read a lot a I have all the books and movies I love it make more please iloveu harry potter

  6. astrid

    I love the books and movies make more and iloveu harry potter

  7. mickeycee9

    this movie looks like its gonna be good, better than order of the phoenix anyway.

  8. rim1789

    I love it! Especially the end ! I didn’t like the book, but the movie does sound great!

  9. Darla

    I think its real weird and that they need to make a new teaser trailer cause i’ve already seen it over a honde times
    But it’s interesting

  10. shamia

    I’m the craziest fan of harry potter and harry potter 6 sounds great because I have already read harry potter’s sixth novel and it was very interesting.

  11. Haadeeyah

    Well, Shamia, crazy you may be; but, I’ve already finished the series. “P

  12. hanna ratih

    harry potter makes me crazy !

  13. Hannah

    omg i think i’m in love with this movie already! i can’t wait to see it!