Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Preview Clip ABC

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Movie

Don’t miss the sneak preview of Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince (Harry Potter 6) on ABC Family this week-end. You may watch the first HBP clip below:

Half Blood Prince Preview from ABC Family

We will try to list the other sneak peeks of the Half Blood Prince shown on ABC as soon as they’re available online.

Update, more HBP clips:

Love is in the air
Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Jessie Cave

Meet professor Slughorn

The Story of Tom Riddle


I thought that the Harry potter 5 was a bit weak, not that much real action and a lengthy plot, but this new movie Harry Potter 6 looks so promising!

2 Responses - “Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Preview Clip ABC”

  1. juan

    I own all the harry potter movies I like them all but I hope this one is good because the last movie was kinda boring till the end but fingers crossed.

  2. Sarah S

    Good for harry potter maniacs like me.
    Ad more stuff about Quidditch.