Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Trailer

Harry Potter will confront the Half Blood Prince, aka Voldemort, in Harry Potter 6.The trailer of Harry Potter 6, aka Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, has shown up a bit earlier:

Harry Potter 6 Official Trailer

To know the future, return to the past!


A really dark time is looming ahead for Harry Potter!

This Voldemort epitomizes evilness!
(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)
Voldemort is the half Blood prince.He reminds me of the boy in the film 666…

So happy to find our friends from Hogwarts on screen again! I would stand in line right away to buy tickets for Harry Potter and The Half Blood prince if it was possible!

13 Responses - “Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Trailer”

  1. Areya

    Oooo, that comment about the snakes was very intense… I’m so excited!

  2. Anonymous

    I think they make each potter better then the last so it seems. I love the darker side to the films.

  3. Anonymous

    looks pretty cool, but there wasn’t much shown which probably just means they still have a lot of editing to do but as it’s only 4 months away they had to give us something. guess it’s true that they’re adding that scene at the burrow to boost the action because the only big action in the book is at the end. should be interesting, i just hope they didn’t cut anything important to fit it in.

  4. Anonymous

    They’re actually finished editing, and will have a test screening in a month. They didn’t show much because this is technically a teaser, and they’re starting out small – holding back on purpose.

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous

    OMG…cant wait until it comes out im sooooo happy. HP is the best series ever. the part were the kids says “i can make things move without touching them” explains, the part in number 5 were harry gets sent to were Mr Weasley gets attacked, thats so obvious now. CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    omg cant wait. look really gud, but doesnt show much about the movie.

  8. Anonymous

    omg they have to put more stuff in the trailer, but i still think its awesome. when exactly is it coming out, november wht?

  9. greciel

    omg it awesome…im so excited of this movie coz it’s so trailer..and im having fun..of this movie..coz it’s so nice..and cool.. i love it..and i love harry..hehehee

  10. greciel

    cool…..movie.. i love it….im so excited i can’t wait…

  11. something cute

    eheheh..lol………..i can’t wait..OMG..so COOL ^_^

  12. Grumps~

    um…. well 1st voldemort isnt the half blood prince..its snape

  13. lalalalalalalalalalalala

    OMG! I can’t wait to see it, but I wish we didn’t have to wait until NEXT YEAR! So unfair! But I still think Harry should be more powerful… But I CAN’T WAIT! WHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D