Henry Cavill Man of Steel

Warner Bros has released a first official picture of Henry Cavill as Superman in the upcoming Man of Steel movie:

Superman Trailer

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

What do you think of Superman’s hairstyle?

6 Responses - “Henry Cavill Man of Steel”

  1. xxxerooo

    f**k this! he looks like a superman reject. sorry. :(

  2. andaluz

    so worst with his face & too old . no one can be superman like chistopher reeve

  3. Brad

    I like it, looks like a big improvement/update from the old costume.

  4. Alexander

    Sorry but, i don’t really like this. He looks like a 40+ superman..
    SUperman should only be 30+.

  5. kryptonkid

    When is Hollywood gonna stop f@#$ING everything up. Tom Welling is the best person for the job, you would think that would be a given after 10 years of smallville. Everyone else in my opinion, is a superman wanna be.

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