Hi-Lo Joe Movie Trailer

Hi Lo Joe MovieCheck out the official trailer of Hi-Lo Joe, the upcoming drama thriller movie written and directed by James Kermack and starring Gethin Anthony, Matthew Stathers, Lizzie Philips, and Tom Bateman:

Plot synopsis:
“On the surface, this film is an offbeat drama which charts the beautifully complicated relationship between two thirty-something creative types, set against the backdrop of a fashionable part of South London. However, woven into this love story is a candid portrait of the unspoken anguish of depression, and the hidden despair which cruelly flourishes even in moments of extreme happiness. Often a taboo subject, this tale provides no-holds barred access to what it is like to live with mental illness, not just for the sufferer but for those closest to them.
Joe Ridley is a struggling kids entertainer whose quick wit and good looks mean he has no trouble seducing women. The life and soul of every party, he moves quickly from one affair to the next, always thinking about the next drink and the next illicit liaison. Finally he meets his match in sharp tongued dancer Elly, and romance quickly blossoms.
After two false starts, they decide to take the plunge and move in together. Joe is thrilled to have the woman of his dreams in his bed every morning, and the more they learn about each other and share their lives, the deeper their love grows. But Joe has a secret side to him that he cannot share with Elly. His moods are a constantly swinging pendulum between high and low that he cannot control, not even for the sake of his relationship. Depression stays as close to him as a shadow, never releasing its icy grip. Soon enough, the cracks start to appear in their domestic bliss. Elly is desperate to help Joe, but ultimately the only person who can manage his struggle against the blackness within is himself.”

There are also two posters:

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For some people there is no middle ground.

Just don’t date clowns, they’re evil!

The UK release date of the movie Hi-Lo Joe is set to November 24, 2017. No official US release date yet.

Stay tuned with us for more details.

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