High Life Movie Trailer

High Life MovieHigh Life is an upcoming comedy heist movie written and directed by Gary Yates. It is starring Timothy Olyphant, Rossif Sutherland, Joe Anderson and Stephen McIntyre. the film will be released in 2010. Here’s the first official movie trailer of High Life:


The perfect crime…

The not-so-perfect team

“In High Life, Timothy Olyphant plays Dick, a down-on-his-luck morphine addict and hospital orderly whose job gives him convenient access to his poison. Early in the film, he’s reunited with his old buddy Bug (Stephen Eric McIntyre), who’s fresh out of a stint in prison. After Bug helps to get Dick fired, the two hatch a drug-addled plan to grab enough money to allow them to live on easy street forever.
Their heist involves ripping off an ATM on a Friday, the thought being that then the machine will be packed with loads of cash. The best part, Dick surmises, is that no one will have to get shot or die. But plans never go quite as expected, and these unruly thugs soon find themselves embroiled in a shootout that leads to a chase when they steal an armoured truck during the exchange of gunfire.”

Timothy Olyphant got so much hair when he’s not playing the role of the Hitman! Anyway, High Life looks like a funny comedy movie.

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