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Hitman 2 Movie - Hitman SequelFox seems determined to bring a second Hitman movie. Thanks to Variety we may have more details regarding this movie sequel to Hitman:

Hitman 2 Trailer

“Studio has hired screenwriter Kyle Ward to write a script for the movie that catches title character, Agent 47, at a low point. He must build himself back up psychologically and physically to reclaim his mantle as the world’s most feared assassin.

The film will contain story elements from “Hitman 5,” the upcoming Eidos video game that will be released in late 2010.”

(source: Variety)

No word yet if Actor Timothy Olyphant will reprise his role as Agent 47. But I suppose he wouldn’t mind to wear the bald cap again.

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  1. Romanian Guy

    The first movie, was verry good, i love it

  2. AldoVl

    Timothy Olyphant played great at the first movie.hope 2 play again to the second

  3. Andy

    In so many different forums I read a lot of crap about the movie…I thought that they would not make a sequel because of inconsiderate jerks like the ones who have been bashing this film. I really liked the movie. I did not expect them to go 100% by the game because if you want that then play the damn game! I wanted a whole new story line that was true to the character and something that fans could understand. I guess there are just too many judgmental jerks out there ready to ruin if for the rest of us. Thanks for writing that bit…I hope you are not BSing about a Hitman 2 because I really hoped they would make a second one but I have not expected them to make one since they got a lot of bad responses from unappreciative & overly-demanding people. Can’t wait…hope the sequel is out soon.

  4. c lacey

    love to see this movie love the game as well so bring it on yeah!

  5. Kop

    The guy who wrote the script for the first Hitman movie hadnt played the game and the movie reflected that,sorry to be a critical jerk but think about it, 47 is a silent assasin and moves like a shadow hence him being the best,the movie didnt echo that important detail.Timothy Olyphant looks way to young to be 47 and agents smith’s personality wasnt incorporated,and Hitman is a clone not an orphan!and that minute detaile is what the whole Hitman storyline is about,i hope that these things are rectified.I am a diehard fan of the franchise.

  6. boylondon

    As a fan of the movie, or should I say the videogame series. I very much like the plot of the original movie. However I guess there is not enough action or may I say, not very true to the videogame franchise. I didn’t say Timmy O is a bad actor, I love his performance. Somehow, maybe they didn’t explain clearly how 47 got involved in the assassination business (it’s called agency in the game). Other than that I don’t see much ‘stealth kills’ action from our friend 47 nor I see any choice of weapons, such as his own signature fiber wire, how about the famous Dragunov sniper rifle; not your taste? My personal favourite is the M14, a blast from the past. Not M60, this isn’t a Rambo movie, and that would be unrealistic. I think the story should take 47 to more places instead of just accomplish only one mission. Yep, definitely more travel to places….And tell its viewers how the story really ends? Perhaps I shall see you again in part 3?

  7. Major

    Well he didn’t wear any bald caps in movie i will be waiting for its second part to come out as soon as possible the 1st part was awesome wish same from the second one two.

  8. jalexuk

    the fact that 47 is english and it was played by an american {no offence} spoilt it for me, the guy wasn’t right. After playing all of the games and being an avid hitman fan i was really looking forward to the movie- It was well made and the script was good- apart from 47 being involved with a woman {ridiculous}. It all comes down to the cast, the actor wasnt right and that’s such a shame. great movie apart from that.

  9. joeff

    Being someone who hasn’t played the games at all, I love the movie! I think it’s one of the best actions movies in the last 5 years!

  10. Josh

    I loved the game series and have played them I dare say almost religiously, but when it came to the first movie I can say that I was thoroughly impressed. When you look at the past, making a videogame movies isn’t easy. They are only a select few that were popular such as Resident Evil, TMNT before it turned all 3d cartoonish, and Mortal Kombat 1 (because we all know why MK II SUCKED!) But when watching videogame movies, i prefer that the movie makes the story more realistic than the videogame itself since…I know 47 is a clone and that is a base line throughout all the games, but an army of clones being trained as assassins? That doesn’t sound very realistic when you bring it to live action if you ask me. And I believe someone said something about there being no stealth kills. Then you clearly didn’t see the beginning of the movie where he killed his target in Africa by setting up some other unlucky schmuck with a remote explosive though flashy considering the explosion i would still qualify it as a stealth kill and 47 is JUST the world’s BEST assassin. He’s the world’s BEST EVERYTHING! He is always thorough, cunning, and knows he already has the perfect plan that will not fail him before the plan even starts. All in all, I do hope to see a Hitman 2 movie sequel with Timothy Olyphant returning as Agent 47…though I’ll admit it would also help if he got a little bit buffer to fit the character.

  11. Johnny

    I am one of 47’s biggest fans. I think that Timmy O did a spectacular job as 47 and should do the sequel, if there will be one.
    As far as the whole orphan thing, in the very first game, Hitman: Agent 47, he did not find out he was a clone until he tracked down Ortmeier’s underground lab in Romania, thus fighting his own clones. The movie only entailed 2 missions. And as far as being in love with a woman, 47 did feel something towards the female chinese prostitute in the first game, and again in Hitman 2, so it’s not so far fetched.

  12. Johnny

    Correction, the first game on PC was Hitman: Codename 47

  13. Nub

    It’s confirmed that he will play Agent 47 in the next movie.

  14. Jose Perez

    I liked the first one alot. At first I thought Jason Statham would of made the perfect hitman role, but Timmy O did a pretty good job. I hope they do make a sequel to it.

  15. oVrKiL

    Jose Perez — Jason Statham is not meant for this character simply because he is a more blow it up kill everyone type whereas Agent 47, as everyone else has noted, has to be on the silent assassin side. As for him being “buffer” I believe his physique was on par with the video game and him being American shouldn’t matter, the movie and acting was very well. I’m also interested that some people complain about the chick in the movie where in the game there was a woman that got involved, sure not to the point of in the movie but still. Timothy Olyphant did a damn good job and we should be so lucky to see him in a sequel

  16. sickgut

    I liked the first movie but the soundtrack s**ed, i heard the same damn thing from alot of other movies. please make a good soundtrack for the 2nd movie. I mean proper original orchestral pieces not just a selection of modern songs like other movies. The first movie has orchestral music but it was so unoriginal and crap that it distracted me from the movie.

    the whole Interpol stuff in the first movie and the 2 guys trying to find him was crap, like we care about stuff like that. Its like AvP, like who cares about the human stories in it? i just wanna see aliens and predators beat on each other.

    Now i know hitman isn’t AvP and i haven’t played the games yet, i’m just saying make the action bigger and better and leave out the other crap. It’s hitman for gods sake, I wanna see big hits and action and learn about the lead character more. So fill the movie with loads of action and if they wanna put human stories in there make them damn interesting and short, in the first movie the cop parts was like watching some lame english soap like “a touch of frost” or the “bill” or something.

  17. Hala Khanji

    Duuuuude, Timothy Olyphant is the man, we don’t want Jason Statham to be Agent 47 or anyone else!

  18. logical_person

    The original Hitman with Timothy Olyphant ROCKED. We should be so lucky to have a sequel! It might be hard seeing him down and out, having to build himself up again to his status in the first movie, but I have faith if Mr. T.O. is 47, it is possible.

  19. mujahid hassan

    We need Timothy Olyphant in the sequel everybody just vote for him… thanks

  20. harven

    i am also a big hitman fan.. the movie was so great.. im always watching it even though i watched it already.. and your damn right, timothy olyphant is the best actor fit for this role.. he’s voice,gestures and calmness! he really looks like 47.. i dont care if he’s an american,the most important thing is that he fits for the character.. i realy like the movie its just that the missions was to few.. im not demanding lots of missions, maybe 5 or more detailed missions is enough to satisfy the gamers as well as the non-gamers.. yes, weapons are also lacking in the movie,hope there will be more weapons next time.. lastly, you know the movie would be boring if all the missions are meant to be silent assasin missions.. there must be face to face,surprise attacks mostly the use of his signature weapon silence ballers.. since 47 is the worlds best assasin he must also excel in face to face hand to hand combat, he must be a tough,smart and invincible guy not just silent killings only.. hope evryone got my point and im looking forward to the next movie.. im expecting a lot.. chill!!

  21. L.L.

    Hurry up and make the damn movie. First was great, Tim O. is the only one who ‘ll get me to the theatre.

  22. Optional

    Timothy Olyphant just did another movie… “I am number 4” He played a secondary role but the film was great… I’m sure that they are not able to work on films simultaneously, so maybe that was part of the delay.

    Seeing him in that movie sent me looking to see if Hitman 2 was ever finished…

    They need to make that movie… and Timothy O is the man…

    I remain… Optional

  23. zeebanga

    the movie is great even though i haven’t play the game, to write a script is not easy talkless of acting!! To put oneself in another shoe to imitated hmm but to imitated a fictional character? Why didn’t you people see the hard work timothy O had done? The movie is immensely appreciated personally by me and i bet any reasonable being will do just that. Looking forward to ”hitman 2”

  24. Otoma213

    I liked the movie. I’m a huge fan of the games. As far as plot vs game story line…if it’s good, it’s good. My only problem is his “relationship” with Nika and the fact that Timothy Olyphant should not have played Agent 47. If you look at the covor of the Hitman:Silent Assassin game…it looks nothing like him. It might sound cheesy but……it should’ve been Jason Statham. Tim is just a little too young and baby-faced for my liking and Jason can pull off the stone cold killer 47 is meant to be.

  25. Bradley

    The first one was great i watch it over and over on rainy days and still not sick of it. Tim did a great job and will do a great job in this one. he got the stone cold killer look perfect.
    He’s a great actor and has played every roll dealt to him perfect. cant wait for this movie and hope he takes the roll again.

  26. butterfly

    bring back the original hit man 47 timothy olg /American or not he’s a dam good actor

  27. jeff

    I would like to see timothy still play the role

  28. Dan

    People have a right to be judgemental, personally I enjoyed the film. Although I do understand where people come from.. he is a clone, not an orphan. If they wanted to create a whole new story line they should of just changed the agents number and portrayed the story through the eyes of a different agent. Also, he SHOULD move like shadows, it would be more interesting to watch. It’s a shame these points weren’t covered because I would of loved the Hitman film franchise to be similar to James Bond.. on-going. Now I think it may be to late, especially considering that SPLINTER CELL will be released on film, hopefully next year. Another franchise which exploits the realms of silent assassination very well. If they can produce a well thought out film my opinion is that it; could well be the new on-going franchise. Especially with an actor with the stature of Tom Hardy playing the lead role. What an actor he is!

  29. shawn

    Jason Statham should be the lead role in hitman 2 it suits him as an actor better

  30. phumlani

    The first hitman movie was the best video game adaptation,with great action scenes,the cast gave it their all to make it the best action movie to date,am ready for the sequel,hope timothy olifant gets his role back,he nailed it on the first one.

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